All About Todd

Photo Credit: La Vie Photography

Photo Credit: La Vie Photography

Todd. Todd, the Golden Boy. The cover boy, the guy next door, the man on the moon… Time has been good to Todd, Life goes where he goes – he’s been profiled, covered, revealed, reported, what he eats and when and where, whom he knows and where he was and when and where he’s going… Todd. You all know all about Todd… what can there be to know that you don’t know…?

With apologies to Addison DeWitt (and Joseph Mankiewicz), the answer to that question is… A. Lot.

Born in East Coast, travelled around the world, and now smack in the middle of America, Todd O’Dowd is a Minneapolis-based writer, editor, publicist, event producer, graphic designer, social media specialist, performer, personality, and all-around good guy who helps clients reach their goals through collaboration, hard-work, and humor.  With a background that criss-crosses through the arts to the entertainment industry to the non-profit sector and back again, Mr. O’Dowd chooses projects that excite him (and hopefully you) and brings to them a businessman’s savvy and showman’s flair.

In addition to his other projects, Mr. O’Dowd is the communications manager for The Loring Pasta Bar and The Varsity Theater as well as Editor of the Twin Cities arts and culture blog l’etoile (having previously served as editor of its sister site LOL/OMG!) as well as serving as l’etoile‘s resident television critic with his column “The Idiot Box.”

Disclaimer: All opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of the people he works for or with. Get over it, and get into it!


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