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In Review: “Aging Magician” at the Walker

Aging Magician at Mass MoCA

In an exciting bit of news, I was asked by the Walker Arts Center to share my thoughts on Paola Prestini, Rinde Eckert, and Julian Crouch’s new opera / music-theatre work Aging Magician, which played at the Walker on March 5 & 6.

For my review / reaction to the piece, head over to the Walker’s performing arts blog.

Photo Credit: Jill Steinberg


In Preview: The 2015 Minnesota Fringe Festival

A NOTE BEFORE WE BEGIN: What follows is my preview of the 2015 Minnesota Fringe Festival that I wrote for l’étoile. However, there was one show I couldn’t mention there for obvious reasons, but I can mention it here…

My show!


I am making my long-awaited return to the Fringe in Total Eclipse Of The Heart, an ensemble-created piece for The Peanut Butter Gallery, under the direction of Christopher Kehoe. Here’s the official synopsis..

“Forever’s gonna start tonight…”

You never know who you’ll run into at the Preston Wright Gallery; a pop mogul, the ex-lover who broke your heart, or even the illegitimate daughter of a famous Italian artist. Whatever you do, try not to make a scene. And if you have 30 seconds, be sure to take the survey.

Total Eclipse of the Heart is an original, ensemble-built comedy inspired by Bonnie Tyler’s iconic 1983 power ballad of the same name. Turn around, Bright Eyes, because every now and then we all fall apart.

Featuring Ron Giroux, Todd O’Dowd, Atim Opoka, Kaitlen Osburn, Marika Proctor, and Laura Ricci. Stage Managed by Logan Toftness. Directed by Christopher Kehoe.

Best of all, we got lucky in our venue; we’re performing at Illusion Theater. Performances are as follows:

  • Thursday, July 30 @ 7pm
  • Saturday, August 1 @ 7pm
  • Sunday, August 2 @ 4pm
  • Tuesday, August 4 @ 7pm
  • Saturday, August 8 @ 10pm

I am so excited to be back at the Fringe and in company with some lovely people. Get your tickets and be there!

And now, onto the other 173 shows I’m excited by at this year’s festival….

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In Review: “In Which…” at Public Functionary


Created by Liz MillerRachel JendrzejewskiSuperGroupBrute Heart
Text by Rachel Jendrzejewski
Music by Brute Heart
Installation by Liz Miller
Performed by Brute Heart and SuperGroup

at Public Functionary till April 4


It’s easy to write about traditional performance art such as theatre and dance because usually there is some overarching through line or super-narrative that provides a context for what you’re looking at on stage. By contrast, performance art can be a trickier beast due to the often non-linear nature of the work and to the fact that you the audience member have to actively work harder to tease out the meaning of the work, if there is any there. That said, when everything and everyone is firing on all cylinders, non-traditional performances can be moving experiences.


And boy howdy is In Which _______ and Others Discover The End such an experience. Created in collaboration between installation artist Liz Miller, playwright Rachel Jendrzejewski, the performance collective SuperGroup, and the band Brute Heart, it is a moving meditation on societal anxiety in the modern age. Rather than tell you what exactly it’s about (for experiencing the piece cold is what lends it its power), I want to highlight why it is such an engaging work and a triumph for all the artists involved as well as for Public Functionary, where the work is being performed now till April 4.

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I Fought The Fringe And The Fringe Won!


UPDATE: 10 August 2014 – Guess I’m going to have to change my name to Clair Voyant! I managed to catch NINE of the 14 shows that got picked for the Fringe Audience Encore!

If you’ve been following my Twitter and Facebook, then you know that I’ve been spending the past few days reviewing The Minnesota Fringe Festival for l’étoile. Of course there is no way in hell that I can get to all of this year’s line up of 169 shows, but I did pretty well considering. Of course, having been on a hiatus for a few years from the world of “thuh theah-tuh,” diving back head in has been a trippy experience to say the least.

Here now, are my reviews of what I was able to catch…

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