“Well, Isn’t That Just Ducky!!”

(The above quote is attributed to Dorothy Parker upon learning of the death of fellow writer and pal Robert Benchley.)

Over the past two days we had two major celebrity deaths that have shaken me. Not the wailing and gnashing of teeth I felt at the death of “The very definition of ‘fuck-you fierce'” (to quote our fairy blogfathers). Nor am I as beside myself as I was when we lost Miss Stritch. But this still sucks. Out Loud.

As for Mr. Williams’ passing: in my old age I have gotten to the point of not saying something that someone else has said better than you. Therefore I direct you to Marc Maron’s brilliant eulogy on his podcast. Do yourself a favor and listen to the whole thing.

As for Ms. Bacall (or as her first husband rightfully termed her “Babe”), no one in Hollywood was as smart, stylish, sexy, and just plain chic. No one. As my dear friend Ricky and I were discussing when he broke the news to me last night, “At least she went out after long time service to the cause of fabulousity.” I mean who else could make Humphrey Bogart swoon on camera!

It’s a shame for losing both. A damn shame.


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