Elaine Stritch 1925 – 2014

Well… shit!

I think it’s safe to say that there is not one theatre person who is not beside themselves over the passing of the great Elaine Stritch. Everybody (self included) loves the story of a hardscrabble diva surviving all odds and Miss Stritch (Stritchy if you’re nasty, or you’re Noël Coward). But it’s that indomitability in the face of everything (men, alcoholism, diabetes, aging, etc.) that makes her such an icon and spirit animal for so many of us. And plus she really is the great interpreter of the works of Stephen Sondheim and Noël Coward.

So to celebrate this great life that has ended, let us all revisit one of the great lady’s greatest triumphs…

No, not Elaine Stritch At Liberty (though as one-person shows go that’s a pretty damn impressive triumph).

N0, this!

(Please get your glasses. It’s time for a toast.)

Rest Well, Miss Stritch. You’ve earned it!

BONUS CLIP: It’s not the full version of “Liasions,” but it does have the great bit that she does that made her so bloddy vital for so long. You might want to pour another drink for this.

BONUS CLIP: If you haven’t seen D. A. Pennebaker’s iconic Company: Original Cast Album, you need to watch this scene.

Photo Credit: NewYorkTimes.com


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