RuPaul’s Drag Race 06:13


Well, it’s that time of the year again for RuPaul’s Drag Race to indulge in the annual clips show…


… and, surprisingly enough, it was quite enjoyable.

Thanks to the return of these old friends…


…who all looked great and were hilarious (Alaska, darling, we have missed you! I love that look Tammy! Raven and Juju, you shady bitches! Shangela, that is a personal best for you girl! Jinkx, I love you girl but I don’t know if that shade of red is for you. Latrice muthafuckin’ Royale!!!)

And then there was this…


…to which I say, the look was right but the voice was pure Joan Rivers and not dear Michelle. (And yes that was Sharon Needles reprising her infamous Snatch Game performance from two seasons ago.)

Then there was the long-awaited video for “Sissy That Walk”:

… which was great, and all the ladies looked lovely. But where were the sketches that were filmed? This lends credence to two theories: (1) everyone bombed it and it had to be scrapped, and/or (2) Darienne Lake blew them all out of the water acting-wise and they couldn’t be used less they make the final three look bad.

But enough of Ru and her lists and her padding out this finale and the shilling of her album her perfume her makeup and her candy bar (filled with Peanut Butter, of course). Let’s talk about my favorite things of the season. In no particular order…

* Vivacious’s Spike Outfit – Pure 80s/90s club realness.
* Milk’s Matador Outfit – Brilliant!
* Bianca’s Golden Caftan Dress – Yes they are repetitive but this one was just flawless.
* BenDeLaCreme’s Yellow RuPaul Outfit – The only one in that runway challenge that was pin-point accurate in looking like Ru.
* Courtney’s homage to Klaus Nomi – Once you get what she’s referencing, you realize what a brilliant outfit this is.
* Adore’s final look in the Glitter Ball – Hold me closer, Tiny Dancer from Blade Runner!
* Trinity’s Domino Dress – Quite simply, one of the most chic looks on the runway in the show’s history.

While I could easily give this one to Darienne Lake (who, let’s face it, has the best face and makeup on the show), I’m actually going to say she was eked out by BenDeLaCreme. Why? Well, as beautiful as both women are, DeLa was able to change her face up a lot more whereas Darienne really looked the same throughout each challenge.

* Vivacious – “Liza Minelli Lies!”
* Snatch Game – Thanks to the unholy trinity of Judge Judy (Bianca), Dame Maggie Smith (DeLa) and Anna Nicole Smith (Adore)
* Adore discovering the power of a waist cincher!
* Adore’s rap in “Oh No She Better Don’t.”
* Every single Joslyn-ism, but in particular… “GASP!”
* Hungman! The new game that’s sweeping the nation!
* “…is ugly!”
* Bianca and Trinity’s stand up routines.
* Adore in the puppet reading challenge for her dead-on impersonation of DeLa.

This was a tough one as to a person the judges were all on point this season, with a few exceptions that were just odd (yes, I’m talking about Lainie Kazan and Leah Remini) and disappointing (I’m looking at you Mssrs. Harris and Burtka). And while I could give it to Klohé Kardashian for keeping it fun, I’m going to have to declare this a tie between Sherly Lee Ralph and Gillian Jacobs. While the former brought the Broadway diva to the table and the latter is the super fan’s super fan, both brought humorous and accurate critiques to the judging sessions and treated it as a serious matter.

While I could easily give this to Darienne, hands down the winner of this award goes to none other than Trinity K. Bonet. Watch her serve it up old school in her lip sync to “I’m Every Woman” or better yet serving up pure sex as she slinked her way through “Whatta Man.” In fact, I would have loved to have seen Trinity and Darienne square off on a number that would have been in both of their wheelhouses (like the Whitney Houston cover of “I’m Every Woman”). It would have been entertaining as hell.

I think by this point we can all agree that Courtney Act is not going to win (and if she is, I will be shocked as hell). So, who instead would have I liked to have seen in the final three instead? Not Darienne (even though her performance in the final challenge should have earned her that final spot). And, surprisingly enough, not BenDeLaCreme. As good as she is (and make no mistake, she’s very good) there was too much getting in her own way to really bring it home and pose a threat to the dynamic duo of Adore Delano and Bianca Del Rio.

No, gentle readers. The third spot should have gone to none other than Miss Trinity K. Bonet. Not only does she have the requisite Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent, but she also showed something that RuPaul loves (and that her project for the season Adore only gave in fits and spurts); growth. Over the course of her time on the competition, Trinity went from being a gorgeous if dour queen to a real engaging presence that was full of a surprising amount of wit (you will recall her brilliant stand-up routine). Not only that, but Trinity would have made the final three that much more interesting as both of Bianca’s mentorees would be squaring off against one another.

To my mind, Bianca Del Rio is a brilliant queen. She has everything Ru looks for combined with a strong sense of self, a surprisingly tender tough-love view of her fellow competitors, and was as much mentor as competitor. There’s a reason she was never on the bottom in the competition; she arrived fully formed, ready to do whatever she had to do to win the crown. I would be overjoyed to call her America’s Next Drag Superstar.

But I feel that it’s going to go to Adore.

Yes, she’s unpolished. Yes, she’s young. But she’s a quick learner. More importantly, she’s got a natural presence and charisma that is very much like Ru was at that age. If she can be guided correctly she could be as big, if not bigger, than Ru.

So while it pains me to say this, the signs are pointing towards Adore, but we won’t know that till next week.

(Side Note: I could see Bianca in All Stars. I could also see a final two for All Stars between Bianca and Alaska which would be epic!)

NEXT WEEK: Head to The Gay 90s for the RuPaul’s Drag Race finale party, starting at 7pm with a pre-show drag show featuring the girls of the 90s and of course the finale!

Photo Credits: Logo TV / World Of Wonder

Originally Published on 14 May 2014 as part of “The Idiot Box,” my television column for l’étoile.


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