The Obligatory Kurt Cobain Post

As a proud child of that time, I can tell you exactly where I was on April 8, 1994 (even though the man himself had died three days earlier on April 5; no one had found the body). I was sitting in my place in Nebraska doing homework, my mother and brother were asleep, and as I was watching MTV, I wondered “Why are they playing Nirvana’s Unplugged special over and over again?” It wasn’t until that other Kurt (Mr. Loder, my generation’s Walter Cronkite) broke the news that Mr. Cobain had passed.

Rather than go into a long exelgesis on the man, his band, and/or his/their influence, I thought I would share this…

“Princess Kurt” by Elizabeth Peyton
{Part of the permanent collection at The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis}

The story behind this paining goes that Nirvana was playing a rock festival in Brazil and the crowd was booing the opening band, which was an out lesbian punk band. Cobain, a long-time LGBT ally, was so enraged that when it was time for Nirvana’s set, he took to the stage wearing a slip and crown and rocked the house down. (And yes this did happen; there’s footage of it in the film Nirvana: Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!)

Rest well, Kurt. And thank you.

PS: Anyone that fangirls the way you and the boys did over RuPaul at the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards is cool in my book.


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