Downton Abbey 04:03

And now, it’s time for the latest episode of Downtown Abbey (sic), presented by Spike TV…

I’m sorry… as presented by ITV and PBS.


The big shocker of tonight’s episode (well, aside from Rose’s flirtation) was how life pretty much went back to normal at Downton. Anna is still withdrawn from everyone after last week’s attack (to the point where even Lord Grantham notices. And then she does something kind of dumb; she moves back into the main house away from Bates, arousing his suspicions even more.

Meanwhile, Anna doesn’t have time to examine her choices as she is dispatched to accompany Mary, Rose, and Tom to Aunt Rosemund’s in London. And thank goodness for the change of scenery as (a) we all needed to escape the house for a little bit, and (b) this means we have the return of the great Samantha Bond as Rosemund; obviously the more fun member of the crazy Crawley clan. And leave it to Rosemund to stir some shit up by bringing Lord Gillingham to pay a visit (and to woo Mary again). But Mary is doing her classic tease move yet again and Gillingham isn’t having it. On the one hand, I can understand that Mary is still grieving but on the other hand Gillingham gets her.

And speaking of getting women, Rosemund gets Edith, who is still in the throes of her “Look At All The Fucks I Give” tour. Poor Edith finally gave it up for Gregson and signed a contract even though he’s leaving for Germany (for who knows how long). Rosemund said all that needed to be said when she let Edith have it: “You’re trusting this man with your name and your reputation … You’re a grown woman, and I’m not a spy. But you’re gambling with your future, my dear. Be under no illusions, a lot may be changing, but some things will stay the same. No, you don’t look sorry. But you may find yourself feeling very sorry later.”

Speaking of being sorry, Rose might be a bit sorry as she has taken a shine to Gary Carr; a jazz singer (gasp!) who happens to be African American (gasp!). Since day one, Downton has been the whitest show on television (and rightfully so given the timeframe and location of the show, there were few African-descendent people in England at the time) so it will be interesting to see where the story goes from here.

And while we’re talking about scandalous topics, let’s give it up for Mrs. Hughes for putting mouthy maids in their place. After Edna tried to blackmail Tom saying she was pregnant, it was Mrs. Hughes who saw through it and got rid of her tout suite. Best of all, there was that great conversation with Mr. Carson over tea and reminiscing. It was a lovely moment and I hope to see more of this please.

Of course we can’t end our chat about this show without taking stock of the Violet quotes of the night:

“I hope you find a way to make friends with the world again.”
“So another brick is pulled from the wall.”

To Lord Grantham, Regarding Edith: That’s the next thing to look forward to.
Robert: I don’t dislike him.
Violet: Oh, what a recommendation.

Photo Credit: ITV / PBS


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