The Night Of The Doctor Prequel

As we all know, the build up to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Mega Episode on 23 November has been massive as all get out! And today, the Beeb (or BBC as the plebeians call it) has dropped the official prequel for “The Day Of The Doctor,” entitled (oddly enough) “The Night Of The Doctor”.  I’m going to put the video after the break because there are some MAJOR spoilers going on that I do not want to spoil (and one shock that literally had me jumping out of my chair….

Okay so feast your eyes on this, goslings….

{Pause for the requisite screaming of the fangirls to die down.}

And now that we’ve gotten that out of our systems, the bullet points….

  • As everyone has discussed, debated, and theorized, The War Doctor (which is how John Hurt has been listed in the credits) is The Doctor during the end of The Time War and falls between Doctors 8 and 9. Which then leads to the that other theory, that this will break the supposed lock on the 12 possible lives of The Doctor, given the nature of this regeneration.

  • Speaking of which, this marks the welcome return (on camera at least) of #8 himself, the one and only Paul McGann! And give the man his due; he manages to take these six minutes and make us all long for more filmed episodes of #8’s adventures. (And I say filmed because he has been The reigning Doctor for the Big Finish audio adventures.) McGann’s performance is that sharp and that on point that you can fill in the gaps from the Doctor Who movie in 1996 to this point, even if you don’t follow the Big Finish stories. At the very least we now need a mini-series showing the Time War (be it filmed or a collaboration between BBC Radio Works and Big Finish). And I love how he’s morphed from the original Edwardian dandy look of the TV movie to this.
  • This also brings up another question: If they can sneak back in the return of Paul McGann as The 8th Doctor, what’s not to say that we might get to see a brief cameo by #9 himself Christopher Eccleston. And this also ties back to a theory that I’ve had since the start of NuWho: The best way to watch the adventures of the 9th Doctor is that of a war veteran with PTSD dealing with the healing process.
  • And I have to say that this is probably one of the tightest preludes that has been done for the show in quite some time, if not my out and out favorite. The prequels and preludes should give a good chunk of information and serve as a context to view what we’re about to see with the main episode. Again, “The Night Of The Doctor” succeeds smashingly.
  • Why Hello Sisters of Karn! For those who don’t know their long history, they guard the elixir of life and have a thorny (to say the least) relationship with Gallifrey.
  • And hello to The War Doctor. And note that he’s younger than the grizzled version we’ve seen.
  • UPDATE: My fellow Who geek (and l’etoile comrade) Jon Hunt caught something that I suspected: All of the names that #8 drops at the end (Charley, C’rizz, Lucie, Tamsin and Molly) are all of his companions from the Big Finish stories. Even better, Big Finish is offering a huge sale on some of #8s adventures, including “Dark Eyes” which is pretty spectacular.

And now we wait… for nine long, agonizing, torturous, days…


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