Bullet Points – Breaking Bad 05:15

Forget the Garden State, we’re off to the Granite State. Pack your bags and barrels of money, bring some ice cream and a good alibi as things are about to get frosty…

After the seismic events of last week we had an episode that basically marked time and set up everyone and everything for the finale.


  • While it’s wonderful to see what new depravities Vince Gilligan can cook up for his characters, can he please, for the love of God, have something good happen to him? Bad enough he’s kept like a dog and forced to cook again, but making him watch Andrea get murdered by Todd is too much. Seriously, this is getting Lars Von Trier levels of abuse. The only ending I will accept at this point is Jesse killing Todd, Lydia, and ultimately Walt.
  • Speaking of Todd, what a manipulative shit, no? He has really become Heisenberg the Second. Basically forcing Lydia back in the game with the good news that the cook is now 92% pure and blue is the latest in his crimes.
  • Speaking of Heisenberg the First, we see him in his lowest state ever. First, Saul abandons him for Nebraska, then is holed up in a cabin in New Hampshire getting visits from the vacuum man…


  • … and SQUEE! it’s the amazing Robert Forster, who does that thing he does so well; namely taking a small scene and mining it for gold! He visits “Mr. Lambert” for updates on Skyler and chemo. Walt wastes away to nothing. And how prophetic was that moment when the wedding ring fell off.
  • Meanwhile Walt Jr. manages to do something other than eat breakfast by being an ungrateful little bitch by refusing his father’s money. Seriously people. You’ve got Uncle Jack and his Neo-Nazis making threats, you’ve got Todd being all Dexter 2.0, you’ve got Lydia being an idiot, and Jesse is still out there and pissed. Now would be the time to have some money salted away to buy protection.


  • At Walt’s lowest point where he’s about to turn himself in, who should come on but Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz basically erasing Walter White from Gray Matter. And that pisses him off. Heisenberg is on the move, and has some scores to settle…

All right, gentle readers. What do you think is going to happen in next week’s finale? Who’s going to kill Walt (because there is no way in hell he’s going to survive this story alive)? What happened to Skyler and Walt Jr? Will Jesse kill Todd? Will someone slap Lydia? Share your thoughts below.

And on a happy note: CONGRATULATIONS TO BREAKING BAD ON THE EMMY WINS! Not only for Best Dramatic Series. Best of all, congratulations to Anna Gunn for her win as Skyler. I’m just sad she didn’t end her speech with this…



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