Bullet Points – Breaking Bad 05:10

Image Credit: Brazen via Redbubble

Ah, happier simpler days, when Walt and Jesse were in their RV, having adventures in their underwear…

… That sounded odd. Let’s try this again…

Two households, both alike in dignity,
In Alberquerque, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where bluest meth makes all good hands unclean…

Okay, so quoting Romeo & Juliet might have been a bit hackneyed, but Breaking Bad is priming itself for a tragic ending of Shakespearean proportions. And unlike the usual bill of fare for this show, the women ran a lot of the show tonight, ordering hits, causing scenes, fighting over babies, and pushing their men to defend their plot of land.

Let’s get to it…

  • First off, Anna Gunn should plan on submitting this for her Emmy nomination consideration. She was on fire going through Skyler’s day from hell. What was so interesting about Skyler’s ultimate decision to pull a Tammy Wynette was that everyone drove her to it; from Hank trying to force a confession out of her and basically manipulate her, to her resentment of him deploying Marie, to Marie’s clumsy attempt at trying to take Holly, to learning the sad truth about Walt’s medical state, Skyler transformed like a new-born Lady Macbeth, and she is not amused!

Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote / AMC

  • Also in the “Here is my Emmy nominated performance” category would be Betsy Brandt, who managed to use one scene to turn Marie from a walking punchline to vengeance personified. The look on her face from sympathy to shock and horror to fury about Skyler’s knowledge about the attack on Hank was a sight to see. And how fitting there was a slight physical callback to Marie’s kleptomania by her clumsy attempt of taking Holly. She has declared war on her sister and Walt, and will do whatever she has to do to help Hank get him. (Remember this is the same woman that gave Hank a hand job to get him back to work.)
  • The problem with Hank is that, like Walt, he is a proud man and is single-minded in his pursuit to take down his brother in law, regardless of the damage it will do to his family. Walt, is also single-minded in providing for his family, but he won’t cross that line (when Saul suggests he send Hank to “Belize” to see Mike, Walt lets Saul have it and then mutters, “I’ll send you to Belize.”). Also, at this point, Hank is in the offensive mode, stealthily gathering his forces. Walt, however, is in the defensive by burying the money in the desert (with a lottery ticket with the GPS coordinates).
  • Speaking of women on the defensive, Lydia and her Loubitans are squeamishly presiding over the massacre of Declan and his crew’s low-grade meth. Well, not so much presiding as hiding in a barrel walking with Todd covering her eyes as he and his uncle kill everyone.
  • And there’s one more player: Jesse. After getting caught for his Robin Hood moves, providence has landed him in Hank’s lap. Now the trick is, what does Jesse want? And who will get it for him; Walt or Hank?

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