Todd Takes On… Gay Marriage


(Don’t panic! I’m in favor of it!)

If you’ve been following the news, then you know that today, Tuesday 14 May 2013, is the day that our governor will be signing the marriage equality law this afternoon. I am awash in so many emotions that I figured the only place to express them all is here.

I truly never thought I would see the day that I would live in a state that would allow gay marriage. I have been patiently waiting / hoping / praying for this day and yet it still feels unreal. It seems that marriage and I were never meant to be (never mind the fact that I have yet to find a spouse).

Then Thursday afternoon, as if by some miracle, the bill made its way to the MN Legislature and the House passed it. It was magical and a little bit too good to be true. Maybe I’ve become a bit of a pessimist in my old age of 97 (see footnote), but I just couldn’t believe that everything had finally turned out right. Maybe it’s the East Coast mentality in me, but even in happy times, I’m keenly aware that something horrible will happen.

Then yesterday afternoon, I sat at my desk at the day job. And worked.

And waited.

And worked.

And waited.

Suddenly, as if by magic the clouds lifted outside, and then the good news came forth. The Senate had passed it 37-30. It was all I could do to not break down into tears of joy. And yet I still can’t believe it; maybe I’m just too ready to wait for the next tragedy. I mean, after all, a lot can happen between now and when Governor Dayton signs the bill at 5pm CST.

But the thing is, is that it’s time. Now is the time. Everyone has worked and fought so long and so hard for this moment that it feels like a victory. And as we now shift from having to fight for marriage rights to defending marriage rights, we all get to be in the position of saying that this right is now – thankfully – guaranteed.

As I’ve told the GLBTQ couples that I have worked with in wedding planning whenever they use the words partners and/or commitment ceremony, “I don’t care what you say, but I’m old fashioned. This is a wedding and you two are getting married!”

Now I can say that to couples I work with and know that legally I’m right!

So in short a list of thank you’s:

  • To all of the organizations that fought for us, and everyone who worked with and for them,
  • To all of the straight allies who knew that this was right,
  • And to everyone, past and present, who fought and lived and loved to give this to us,

Thank you.


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