The Drag Race Scoreboard

Yes children, it is back! It has been a long time coming but it is back and it is here!

I know, I know, I have been a bad recapper and kept you waiting but people I am busy. What with concert season and wedding season at The Day Job(s), plus my editorial schedule for this blog and that blog, I barely have time to write.

So without further ado, I throw on the Nate Silver drag, and present the return of…

… wait for it …


Image Credit: Chad Sell

(Can we all just take a moment and admire Chad Sell‘s amazing artwork? Let’s!)

Okay, so for those who are new here, here’s how it works:

  • Mini Challenge – 1 point per winner
  • Main Challenge – 4 points for the winner, 3 for second place, 2 for third place, 1 for being safe, 0 for bottom three, -1 for surviving the Lip Sync For Your Life, and -2 for the Sashay Away

Here is the break down by challenge….


And here it is by totals…


A few observations about the eliminated queens:

  • By an odd twist of fate, Ivy and Lineysha both scored higher than Alyssa and Coco. While this point system does award longevity, it still seems odd that both of them would score so low, until you realize both had been in the bottom repeatedly, whereas the other two had only been in the bottom once. 
  • There isn’t as big of a gap as there is between the queens who have won challenges (Alyssa, Coco, Ivy, Lineysha) and those who haven’t (Honey, Jade, Monica, Penny, Serena, Vivienne).

And now on to the queens remaining:

  • If you haven’t guessed by now, we have a clear front runner. Miss Jinkx Monsoon is head and shoulders above everyone else. There is a nine point gap between her and the queen in second place, Alaska. Another thing to note: from Week 3 on (the past eight weeks), she has always been in the top three of the challenge. 
  • With her recent win, Roxxxy has narrowed the gap between her and Alaska. The only reason Alaska is ahead of her is that Alaska has not been in the bottom three so far this competition.
  • Detox, sadly, has been slowly sliding down in the competition. I fear that she is going to be the next queen to get the axe.

In closing, there is one thing that struck me as rather odd. Unlike previous seasons, there have been EIGHT queens that have won at least one challenge (in past seasons, the wins have been mostly consolidated to four or five queens). This could be attributed to several things. One theory might be that Ru is trying to create suspense by spreading the wins around (though anyone paying attention knows who is in the lead). Another, less charitable theory is that the queens as a whole aren’t as good as the past seasons. While there are a few strong queens in the game, could they stand up to past seasons’s top dogs? I mean try and put the top six of this season (Alaska, Alyssa, Coco, Deox, Jinkx, and Roxxxy) against the likes of the queens featured in this article in Spin. I just don’t see the same kind of star quality there (except in Jinkx and Alaska and even then I doubt they could have survived against the likes of the bitches profiled).

This isn’t meant to be a critique about this year’s crop of queens. It’s meant to be an observation on how the game is unfolding this year.


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