Happy RPDR Day!

And if you have read my writing with any regularity you know exactly what that stands for.

That’s right, children! Miss Ru is back with a fresh crop of sacrifices to the altar of her staggering ego new and exciting girls to torture test to see who will be America’s Next Drag Superstar. After the success of covering the show for my column The Idiot Box (which I know you all read faithfully at l’etoile), I will be taking on the current season.

The plan is this: The column will go up at l’etoile first, then over here later in the day. Think of this version as the bonus track with other features.

One feature that will stay over here will be THE DRAG RACE SCOREBOARD. Yep, it’s coming back too!

So, hoist up your tits, strap down your bits, and let’s do this! For the sake of the children!

Image Credit: LogoTV.com


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