Bullet Points – Breaking Bad 05:06 & 07

Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

Better late then never, no?

For those that follow me or know me in real life, I have been hellaciously busy getting through wedding season. So I have been remiss in my recapping duties.

That said, I could chalk it up to the fact that I was waiting for the shocking ending of episode seven. I mean we all saw a death coming, but not that death.

So let’s get to getting. It’s time to start cooking….

  • First off, let’s talk about Todd. He’s everything that Jesse isn’t; smart, wants to learn the business, doesn’t ask too much of Walt when it comes to the money, and is willing to kill (which Jesse doesn’t want to do). Is he being groomed to be the new Jesse? Since Jesse wants out, who wants to bet that Walt will try to have Todd kill Jesse as an act of loyalty?
  • Speaking of Jesse, it seems that our boy is finally starting to wake up to the fact that Walt can not be trusted. It’s telling that both he and Skyler are on the same page in terms of identifying with each other’s conflicted feelings against Walt. Mind you of course Skyler is now in out and out survival mode.
  • And while we’re talking about survival, where is the ricin-laced cigarette? Remember Chekov’s law: You don’t show a gun in act one unless you plan on using it in Act Three.
  • It’s funny watching the little dance between Mike and Hank and watching Hank get lucky with Mike’s guy giving him up. Though it was sad about his granddaughter and having to abandon her at the park.
  • The scene with Declan will probably go down as the highpoint of the series. “Say my name.” “You’re Heisenberg.” “You’re damn right.”
  • As has been noted time and again, Walt’s greed and his feelings of insecurity of his manhood drive almost all of his actions. Now we can add another flashpoint: his resentment of his buyout from Gray Matter. “I’m neither in the meth business or the money business; I’m in the empire business.” In yet another way, he proves that he’s no Gus Fring; where Gus started as a business man that slowly and painstakingly built a money business that became an empire, he didn’t expand for expansion’s sake. It’s this sense of cautiousness that once again proves that Walter White is no Gus Fring.
  • And it appears Walt is no Mike Ehrmantraut either. Compare how methodical Mike is with the business. When he learned that everyone was on his tail, he didn’t panic, but he made sure that everything was ready.
  • But then came the last five minutes of Episode 7. The shocking confrontation, the truth telling by Mike, the blood-soaked ending. I literally watched through splayed fingers hoping that Mike wouldn’t go out a punk like that, but alas he did.
  • Best line of the series:  “Shut the fuck up and let me die in peace!” And it’s a sad death indeed.

And just like that we’re ready for tonight. But there are so many questions that need to be answered: What about Lydia? Who will meet their maker first: Skyler or Jesse?  Will Todd mess it up again? And what caused the bizarre flash forward we saw at the start of the episode?

Hopefully these questions and many more will be answered tonight.


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