Bullet Points – Breaking Bad 05:05

Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

Some days you just shouldn’t trust people.

I have to say that, as we get closer to the end of the first eight episodes of the season (and then the long ass wait that follows), it’s interesting to see how Walt is still in the mindset of “le roi c’est moi.” If there is something he wants, he’s going to get it. And as last week’s episode proved, when he gets what he wants he doesn’t think about the consequences that his actions take and that need to be dealt with; be it clean up by Mike, agitation and inquiry from Hank, or out-and-out rebellion from Skyler. Not to compare him to his rival (though the show has gone great lengths to over the past two years to do so), Walter White is no Gus Fring. Gus may have built an empire but he did it slowly and painstakingly, making sure everything was taken care of. Walt, however, is in full on Heisenberg mode; all alpha male machismo and swagger. He is just not thinking things through. To misquote the Bard, “uneasy is the mind that wears the crown.”

Also, I have to agree with Matt Zoller Seitz of Vulture who advanced the theory that Walt has now become a cancer and that it has rippled outwards scarring everyone in its way. I also can sorta-kinda get behind his theory that he wants to get caught; after all, as egotistical as Walt is, what’s the fun of being the dreaded Hesenberg if everyone can’t fear you and marvel at your genius?

But enough of that. Let’s get ready. It’s time for a good old-fashioned train robbery… (and how cute is it that they have a train robbery the same night as the premiere of Hell On Wheels? It’s just like the end of last season when they had the visit from The Walking Dead‘s makeup department)…

  • Once again, I am amazed how Walt plays everyone for saps. That scene in Hank’s office was hilarious. And what a nice callback to the list of Gus’s accounts hidden in the photo by hiding a bug in Hank and Marie’s photo.
  • Mike is right; Lydia is a loose cannon. But it’s kind of scary that Walt agreed with her reasoning for trying to kill Mike. In fact between this and Todd’s actions at the end of the episode, why do I have a feeling that Jesse and Mike’s days are numbered.
  • That said, all credit to Jesse for once again being resourceful enough to come up with the plan for siphoning off the methylamine. He may be losing his taste for murder but his plans are pretty darn good.
  • Will someone please slap Walt Jr.? I mean how clueless can you be as a kid. I think back to Meadow Soprano explaining to her brother about her father’s “garbage business.” Any kid could see that this is beyond normal parental tension.
  • Thanks to the murder of the kid at the end, how long do you think it will be before Jesse wants out of the game. I’m concerned that if he leaves, Walt is going to do something stupid.
  • Speaking of something stupid, where is the ricin cigarette? Is it still behind the electrical plate?

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