It’s The First Trailer for Drag Race All Stars!!!

Well, here it is! Today is the day that RuPaul has announced the cast for RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race!

And more importantly, was Todd right in his predictions? (See my earlier post, and then my updated post.)

Let’s go to the tape for the reveal…

Before we do, one last look at our mystery heroines…

My original guesses were:  Yara Sofia, Raven (?), Manilla Luzon (?) in the first row, Shanell, Willam (?), Nina Flowers in row 2, Dida Ritz (?), Phi Phi O’Hara (please god no!), Jujube (?), Latrice Royale, Alexis Mateo, and Pandora Box (?).

I can now say that I got 9 out of the 12 right, bitches! (in name at least, if not in the right photo).

Roll the tape!

All right, let’s break this shit down, people. And here’s our wonderful “women” in front lighting. (And side note, I am living for the references to this piece of quality television and drag iconography.)

Starting with the top row:

  1. Miss Tammie Brown is back in town, y’all! Yes she’s crazy (well average for a queen) but it’s great to see her. Plus I hope they bring back “Snatch Game” for this one: I bet Miss Brown could do Miss Davis justice.
  2. Raven. Of course. Not you best look girl.
  3. I guess Jesus really is a biscuit, because LaTRIIIIIIIIIICE Royale is back!
  4. Alexis Mateo. Looking good girl.
  5. Miss Pandora Boxx. We all knew about it but it’s still great to see her.
  6. La Loca herself, Nina Fucking Flowers!!! Love. Her.
  7. Manilla Luzon. Another “Of course,” but she might get schooled in comedy by her betters (Mmes. Brown, Boxx, etc.)
  8. Mimi Imfirst. This was one that I totally did not get. Ah well, even in this group we need the dreaded “reality show cannon fodder.”
  9. Shanell, of course, in “something very over the top; very CAH-stumed” (to quote Bebe Zahara Bennet). Good on you girl.
  10. Chad Michaels, the classiest queen in the world!
  11. Jujubee who looks amazing. Save that outfit and hair, doll!
  12. Yara Sofia! Escha, Escha, Escha Palante, Chica!

This, without exaggeration, is a brilliant cast. Amongst them are all of the queens that came in second in their seasons (Nina, Raven, Manilla, Chad), all of the Miss Congeniality winners (Nina, Pandora, Yara, Latrice), two third place finishers (Jujubee and Alexis) and the rest are queens that everyone loves (Shanell, Tami) or are talented (Mimi). So this is going to be a very delicious competition.

And props to Bebe, Tyra, and Raja for following Sharon’s example and not competing, thus giving someone else the chance. Way to man up, ladies!

And now we wait till October… Until then, let’s head to Logo’s site and watch all four seasons of Drag Race to examine the girls more closely.


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