Bullet Points – Breaking Bad 05:04

Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

Birthday time!

The magical number today is 51. Yes, let’s all congratulate Mr. White for his 51 years on this planet. But there are some interesting attractions at this party: the usual mix of lies and threats, unusual guests with odd gifts, some new toys for little boys, and a surprising performance.

So let’s put on our skirts and Rolexes and let’s get ready for some water ballet…

  • And now the time has come for Walt to bid a fond adieu to the Aztec. I mean the Chrysler is nice but then again, it’s too ostentatious. Walt has no sense of propriety or of modesty (I mean look at Gus Fring’s Volvo by comparison). A gambling addiction isn’t that profitable.
  • One of the reoccurring symbols of the episode was who was parking in the driveway. And once again, Skyler gets hosed.
  • I am patiently waiting for Skyler to do something to get back at Walt. The problem is that Walt is such a master manipulator that he has everyone believing him and his story that it would take Skyler to do something drastic to get the point across. But we’ll have to discuss that later…
  • Cheers to Hank on the promotion, but it does mean that he has to wrap up the Fring affair. But will he still be addicted to trying to find Heisenberg?
  • “You’re back at it?” “Have to make up that $600,000 we lost.” Point to Walt.
  • And while we’re on the subject of women trying to escape horrid situations, Lydia once again is over thinking. I mean how stupid is this woman? Did she not think that everyone would figure out that she put the tracker on there herself? And it was interesting to clock everyone’s reactions; from Mike wanting to kill her for her ineptitude to Jesse not wanting to kill her to not have any more blood on his hands, to Walt wanting nothing to stop production.
  • Let’s just say it now; that was the worst birthday ever (and who didn’t notice the callback to this season’s opener). Something bad has to happen between now and then.
  • And then that shocking birthday party! As disturbing as that scene was, you have to admit that it was beautifully shot. At first I thought that Skyler had gone off the edge, but then when you realize the sum of her plan (to get the kids out of the house), you realize how brilliant she is and she’s slowly rising up against Walt.
  •  “All I can do is wait.” “Wait for what?” For the cancer to come back.” Ouch! Point to Skyler.
  • (Holding up Jesse’s gift of the watch.)  “The person who gave me this present wanted me dead, too. He changed his mind about me, Skyler, and so will you.” Point to Walt.
  • As much as Walt wants to admit it, time is catching up on him. The clock keeps ticking, the porkpie hat will start to unravel. And (soon we hope) someone’s going to make a play for Walt. I. Can’t. Wait.

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