It’s The First Teaser Drag Race Allstars!!!

In typical RuPaul Fashion, the drag queen we all love (and sometime would love to throw out a window) has decided to release a teaser for RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars. And it’s quite amazing.

First off some random thoughts about it all and then, after the break, you’ll hear who is in it (or rather whom I’ve managed to figure out is in it.

Some initial thoughts before we begin:

  1. Love the idea of the tease and the vague Wonder Woman references with the stars, the wristbands, etc. Very drag superheroes (or she-roes). 
  2. Speaking of she-roes, while I am sad that Miss Sharon Needles will not be competing (even though she won the fan favorite choice), her reasoning for not doing it (basically saying “I just won and it wouldn’t be fair”) is pretty awesome and proves once again that she is a Class Act.
  3. Miss Pandora Boxx is in the show! As I predicted in my earlier post, if anyone deserves a second chance at being America’s Next Drag Superstar Queen of All Queens, then it’s her.

And now, that we’ve all had a chance to obsessively pour over the teaser, let’s see who we see.

So rather than going through frame by frame, some clever puss came up with this. (Click on the image to see the lager version):

Stunning, no? Though we won’t know officially until August 6, I am going to take my guesses. Some of them are painfully obvious. Some are a little more confusing. So if I have question marks by their names, it means I’m not sure.

So starting from the upper left, I see Yara Sofia, Raven (?), Manilla Luzon (?) in the first row, Shanell, Willam (?), Nina Flowers in row 2, Dida Ritz (?), Phi Phi O’Hara (please god no!), Jujube (?), Latrice Royale, Alexis Mateo, and Pandora Box (?)

Mind you I have till August 6 to get this right. 🙂

So, who do you think are the chosen twelve? Sound off below!


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