Bullet Points – Breaking Bad 05:02

Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

Well friends, the watchword for tonight’s episode can be summed up in one word…

… creepy.

Seriously. I was creeped out more times than I can count tonight; from the shocking beginning to the chilling ending. If anything, Gus Fring’s death has completely loosened the moors on Walt’s arrogance and hubris. But, as I mentioned last time, it seems that they’re playing the theme of “Uneasy Is The Head That Wears The Crown.” All Walt does is feel great that he’s now in charge but at the same time, the thing that kept Gus in the game was that he was painfully aware of every facet of what was going on with his empire. You don’t manage to survive the wrath of the Salamancha clan and live to tell the tale (well, that last meeting with Tio notwithstanding).

At the same time we have some new players in the kingdom that may have some bad bearing on our intrepid band of peddlers. So let’s get ready to try some dipping sauces…

  • That was one of the most bizarre deaths in the history the show (and this is saying something for a show that has had death by bike lock strangulation, poisoning, and homemade bombs on wheelchairs).
  • Once again, Walt reveals what an utter asshole he is by playing Jesse for a fool Make no mistake, Walt is an intelligent man – it’s that intelligence that has kept him alive. But his naked manipulations have to bite him in the ass. And the more I think about it, the more I want Jesse to be the one to end Walt.
  • That said, once again Aaron Paul does fantastic work showing Jesse at his absolute lowest.
  • You have to admit, Mike is now the voice of reason. Which is a really scary proposition.
  • I have to admit I kind of love Hank and Gomie’s scenes together.
  •  “Here’s the thing, Mike—Mike?” “Mr. Ehrmantraut.” “Here’s the thing, Mike.”
  • So I don’t know how to feel about Lydia. On the one hand, she’s completely neurotic and she’s prone to making mistakes (and Mike was right: it was a stupid idea to try and wipe off all the people on the payroll), on the other hand she could grow a spine of steel and retaliate.
  • It was a nifty reoccurring theme of kids and how they affect the moral choices that people make and give them a chance to regroup.
  • Skyler has shut down. That last scene in the bedroom was a woman who has left her body and mind and is doing what she has to do to stay alive.
  • And the worst part is: Walt thinks everything is falling into place just because he willed it so. I hate to say it but I can’t wait to see him get the smack down.

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