Bullet Points – Project Runway 10:01

Promotional Image courtesy of Lifetime Television

It’s back y’all! The show that foisted Tim Gunn, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, a whole bunch of fashion bloggers, and more attention and fame whores than the entire casting sessions of The X Factor is back in our lives.

Now if you’re wondering where my post is, well I have some news. The lovely people at L’etoile  (and it’s sister blog LOL-OMG!) have tasked me with writing the official recaps for their blog. So Friday Mornings, it’ll be up over there. Then Friday afternoon, I’ll copy it into here.

And if you aren’t already planning on it, join me at Moto-I on Thursday nights where L’etoile is hosting their weekly viewing party. I’ll be the cute boy on the laptop typing away thinking of new and exciting ways to say “What the hell was this designer thinking?”

But hey, let’s give props to the relatively new Fraulein Klum who’s saying “I look good for a divorcée” with these photos. That and however you say “I’ll cut you bitch!” auf Deusch.

Anyway, read on!


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