Bullet Points – Breaking Bad 05:01

Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

Well here we are again. Yes I know I’ve been away but #weddingfevah has kept me down. But I am back and this week I’m adding two (yes, you heard me – Two) shows to the Bullet Points line up. (What’s the other one you ask? Stay tuned.)

So I decided to break up the monotony of the summer and revel in another of my television loves: Breaking Bad. How can you not love this show? I admit that I love it incessantly and I love that it is probably the darkest show on television right now. I live for it. It doesn’t hurt that the show has strong writing, very tricky storytelling, and some of the best performances on-air right now (and not just Bryan Cranston’s justly lauded turn as Walter White). I could go on and on about the show, but I figured I’d save that for these recaps.

So get ready peasants. It’s time to shout “All Hail The King,” lest he rip your face off (R.I.P. Gustavo Fring.)

  • Okay, remember how I said that this show has tricky storytelling? We start with a flash forward that apparently is 2 years later (the bacon is formed into a 52) and a pill popping Walter has hair and is buying another gun. But I have to ask: New Hampshire?!? Is he on the run? (And nice call back to the episode’s title which is the
  • Another thing that I have to remind myself with this show – the time span between episodes and between seasons is small as hell. Aside from the flash-fowards and -backwards, the story of the entire show takes place over a short period of time.
  • Anyway, back to the present and the two creepiest words in the english language: “I. Won.”
  • One of the nice things about the episode (and what will probably be a theme this season) is the notion that once you are in charge, you have to take care of everything. From Walt cleaning the house of the incriminating evidence (including the Lily of the Valley) to the laptop issue, he needs to learn very quickly that if he wants to stay on top he needs to keep on top of this.
  • Another thing he needs to do quickly is either bring Mike around to his way of thinking or get rid of him once and for all. Mike’s loyalty to Gus is going to be a problem that must be addressed. Quickly.
  • Walt thankfully is taking a few pages from Machiavelli’s The Prince, in particular the part where the prince is encouraged to do all of his dirty deeds in one fell swoop to show power and then never again unless necessary.
  • “Ted’s dead?” “No, he just woke up.” I’m sorry but Skyler should have sent that idiot to the grave. And that hospital scene was awesome, but just remember Skyler, you live by the king’s sufferance. So don’t pretend to be Carmella Soprano when dealing with your problems.
  • “Yeah Bitch! Magnets!” is going to be the new rallying cry of the season. But you have to give the little shit credit for pulling it off even though leaving the van there was a stupid mistake.
  • Have I mentioned that I love Saul? Because I do. And it was great seeing him stand up to Walt’s newfound megalomania.
  • So now Hank has the account numbers to Saul’s offshore accounts. How long till he sees a familiar name in the payouts? And how long till he gets a clue and realizes that his brother in law is a newly-crowned drug kingpin?
  • So let’s take bets: Who ultimately kills Walt off: Mike, Hank, Saul, or Jesse? Or is it someone else we haven’t met yet? And who, or what, would scare Walt off to run to the other end of the country? The mind boggles

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