Bullet Points – Mad Men 05:13

Photo Credit: AMC

Well, here it is friends. The end of a season of highs, lows, ins, outs, ups and downs. It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions, hasn’t it?

Well, here we are, at long last, at the end of the season. I don’t know what everyone’s reaction to this episode is or is going to be but I have to say, at least for me, that it was a rather diffuse ending for what has been a season of big moments (cancer scares, fisticuffs, prostitution, resignations, suicide, and more), this felt rather quiet to me. Oh sure, there were ghosts popping up everywhere but this felt more quiet than the loudness of season five (a theory I’ll talk about later in a separate post).

So let’s pour ourselves a glass of wine and get our screen tests ready; we’re all going to take a trip….

  • First off, who didn’t drool over this shot shown above? How cool was that? And how awesome is it that Bert will (a) finally have an office, and (b) not have to lie about SCDP having two floors?
  • It was a little too on the nose to have the return of Adam Whitman haunting his older brother, as a physical manifestation of Don’s guilt over his and Lane’s suicides. I thought there was a better symbol being used more subtlety; the empty chair not only in the board room, but in Rebecca’s apartment.
  • Speaking of the effects of Lane – Part 1: it was a little hypocritical of Rebecca to say that SCDP drove Lane to be ambitious when she had a hand in it as well.
  • Speaking of the effects of Lane – Part 2: it was interesting to see Joan step up to the plate to take Lane’s position in the partners (and even accentuated the fact with glasses and more menswear touches in her attire like the scarf with the red dress tied like a necktie) but discouraging because they treated her like a nagging housewife. I can’t wait to see how this is going to shake out over the next season.
  • Who didn’t love the sight of a supremely happy Peggy sitting in a hotel room on her first business trip? Even if the humping dogs was a bit much.
  • And the movie theater scene was awesome too. Now Don and Peggy are equals.
  • Speaking of Peggy, are they really going there with this “top secret ladies’s cigarette”? It’s historically accurate, but are they really going to credit her with this? That’s way too on the nose for the character.
  • And finally Megan has done what any found actress in her position would have done upon two minutes of marrying an advertising man; made him get her an audition.
  • And finally, Roger Sterling is throwing off his clothes and going on an LSD-fueled run. Whether or not it includes having more liaisons with Mme. Calvert is to be determined.
  • And finally, the last scene with Don in the bar. Who thinks he’s going back to his philandering ways? And why did they play “You Only Live Twice?” We’ll be thinking about that till 2013.

Later this week, now that the season is done, I will have a season wrap-up with the highs and lows of the season.



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