Bullet Points – Mad Men 05:11

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/AMC

Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus.

I got home from a wedding we had at the day job, and settled in for a pre-recorded goodness, only to be taken aback by all the blatant whoring going on in SCDP-land. I mean, everyone was basically dropping their trousers and hitching up their skirts for what they needed. As for the success of these various little whores, well, only time will tell.

So put on your sexiest dress, review your lines, and get ready to visit The Best Little Whorehouse on Madison Avenue

Side Note #1: If they had busted into this song, I would have died.

Side Note #2: Though she’s a little too young for the part, wouldn’t Christina Hendricks make a delicious Miss Mona? We all know she can sing (and quite well at that) but would she sound good doing the country-twinged score?

Side Note #3: Robert Morse would KILL as the governor. That said though he’d have a hard time to top the greatest thing Charles Durning ever did on film. (Note that I said “on film;” yes his Big Daddy in the Kathleen Turner revival of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof was pretty amazing too.)

  • Our first whore this evening is Megan Draper (aka the Quebecois Jezebel). Who knew that her “acting technique” involved throwing on an expensive, flesh-colored metallic dress and having a go around with your husband before an audition?
  • Also, is it me or are they really going all in with the late 60s Off-Broadway explosion? First was American Hurrah, now it’s Little Murders.
  • Speaking of that callback, it was a little icky, no? That said, what do we think if she had actually gotten the part? Would Don be so supportive as to let her away for an out-of-town tryout? Signs point to no.
  • Speaking of whores, we all know that the ultimate insult that Don Draper can sling at a person is to call them a whore. So who didn’t flinch when he threw money at Peggy after she saved the Chevalier Blanc campaign?
  • Also, I have to ask the big question that has been bugging me: What the hell does Don see in Ginsberg? I mean he’s basically pushing Peggy aside. But the cool thing is that other people have noticed Don’s shoddy treatment of Peggy, notably Ken and Freddy Rumsfeld (who actually helped her get the interview with Ted Chaough from CGC. Ted may be a smarmy bastard, but he at least knows how valuable Peggy is).
  • And speaking of whoring around, Pete’s testicles should be cut off for trying to whore out Joan to the Jaguar guy (and didn’t it feel awfully like the scene in Sweet Smell of Success where Sidney persuades his girlfriend to sleep with that politician?). Thankfully Trudy came in with just the right words to get the job done: “Your Love Affair With Manhattan Is Over.”
  •  Anyway, while I was shocked that Don was defending Joan’s virtue (even so far as to going to her apartment to stop her), I was more surprised that Roger didn’t object to his baby mama being whored around by that little weasel.
  • Speaking of weasels, on the one hand Lane’s advice to Joan was selfish: if the partners gave her the $50,000, Lane’s embezzlement would have been exposed. On the other hand, he gave her the advice she needed: by taking this opportunity to become a partner she’s doing the one thing he didn’t do, get the best deal he could when he was valuable.
  • So Joan does the deed, and it felt like a horrible riff on the scene in “Waldorf Stories” where Roger gives Joan a fur coat during a liaison (and yes, it is the same coat she’s wearing in this episode).
  • The next day, Roger calls all the partners in and in saunters Joan. Don’s all “What the hell?” And Joan’s all “I dare you to call me a whore, cause if you do I’ll call you a dick. Pun Intended.”
  • And the end we see SCDP(CH) (the parenthesis are for Campbell and now Harris) got Jaguar but at the cost of whoring out a co-worker and Don losing his protégée (which I called several weeks ago but I would have guessed that this would have been part of the season finale). Though Peggy dear, points off for not belting this out in your farewell.

UPDATE: As a devout Bitter Kitten / Precious Unborn Fawn, I hang Tom and Lorenzo‘s every word (and for damn good reason: they have some of the smartest writing in the blogosphere). In their post about the episode, they made two great points (among many others):

  1. Peggy has always thrived in situations where people underestimate her. As was already mentioned, Ted Chaough may be a smarmy asshat but it’s a different kind of asshat than Don Draper and it might be the kick in the ass that Peggy needs for her career.
  2. Throughout the entire series, Joan has built herself up as an attractive woman who achieved her work success not through sleeping around but hard work and a reputation of über-competency.  Even though she has achieved partnership, her hard work has been undone due to sleeping with a client and the men she’s surrounded with can’t get past that (with the exception of maybe Bert Cooper who would see it as a slightly less than fair exchange of goods).

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