Bullet Points – RuPaul’s Drag Race 04:14

Raja performing at The Saloon's 35th Anniversary Celebration on 28 April 2012 (Photo Credit: Todd O'Dowd)

Before we start in on what we witnessed last night, let’s step back a few days and talk about the visit our little town received last Saturday.

As part of The Saloon’s 35th Anniversary celebration, last year’s winner, the one and only Raja came to town. Of course I was there with fellow l’etoille colleagues Jahna Peloquin and Danielle Morris. I posted my full report on the LOL-OMG! blog, so go over there and read it.

A few points that I didn’t touch on, and then we’ll continue:

  1. The bitch is really, really funny.
  2. While she’s not a flawless lip-synching stage animal like Jujubee (who will spit out every damn word if it kills her), Miss Raja certainly knows how to work a crowd and get their collective motors running.
  3. I was surprised that she chose über girly looks for her numbers out here. Not that she didn’t look great, but she’s known for edgier takes on drag.
  4. Her second look was eerily reminiscent of Chad Michael’s Kardashian-lite look from Episode 11 (which may not be a coincidence since Raja and Chad are old friends).
  5. And speaking of that second number, there was a queens colliding moment when our own Bitch Flowers got to introduce Miss Raja’s second song. Good on everyone for making that happen, and brava Miss Flowers for serving your 80s glam-punk loveliness.
But enough about queens from last season. Let’s focus on the here and now and raise our glasses to America’s Next Drag Superstar…

Photo Credit: Aaron Young / World of Wonder


Sorry about that friends, I was feeling my Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent right there. Anyway, let’s pour ourselves something refreshing while we talk about this…

  • First off, if you didn’t read this article on The Daily Beast about the taping of the finale, pray do so. It’s kind of fascinating/sad that Ru feels she has to go to these lengths.
  • The queens looked good in the opening. Thank goodness!
  • Hello guests! Pork Chop! Lady Bunny! Carmen! Charro!!!!
  • You’re damn right Miss Latrice Royale gets a standing ovation! Several in fact!
  • Sharon’s beer mug realness. Never change, you fabulous creature. Never. Change.
  • LaShawn looked fabulous! Princess, you were boring, so shut it.
  • “Have you done something different with your hair? Oh, you’re wearing it.” Thank You Ru for calling her out on that.
  • Miss Jiggly looks good tonight.
  • “What did Willam do?” “What didn’t I do?” Actually, the more I think about it, the more Tom & Lorenzo’s theory makes sense.
  • Latrice. Is. Flaw. Less. And the fan story is amazing. But why was there no rendition of “Jesus Is A Biscuit?” And of course she won Miss Congeniality! (And how amazing is it that she’s going to be on Drag U this season? Good on her!)
  • Chad Michaels is still the classiest bitch in the room!
  • Willam’s read of Phi Phi was perfect. And accurate.
  • Sharon’s mom is adorable! But Alaska dear, why didn’t you show up in face?
  • And a hearty Condragulations to America’s Next Drag Superstar… Miss Sharon Needles! We all saw it coming.

To THE DRAG RACE SCOREBOARD, for the last time then. Normally I’d go 4 for first place, 3 for second, and 2 for third but since we didn’t have that, I had to do it like this:

  • Chad: 2
  • Phi Phi: 2
  • Sharon: 4


  1. Sharon Needles: 28
  2. Chad Michaels: 25
  3. Phi Phi O’Hara: 20
  4. Latrice Royale: 13
  5. Willam: 10
  6. Dida Ritz & Madame LaQueer: 4 (Tie)
  7. Kenya Michaels: 3
  8. Jiggly Caliente: 2
  9. Milan: 1
  10. LaShawn Beyond & The Princess: -1 (Tie)
  11. Alisa Summers: -2

So, condragulations Miss Sharon! You have earned this. Now please come to Minneapolis!!


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