Once More With Feeling…


Image Credit: Logo TV

Tonight, one of the three women on the left will win the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar! (Pay no attention to that woman in the red dress far left; after what she’s put us all through she should be ignored for a little bit.)

So, once again, I ask the question I asked last week: Who Will Win? Will it be the escapee from a bad community theater production of La Cage Aux Folles, Morticia Adams’s younger sister, or Kai Kai Kardashian?

Who will win Miss Congeniality? (I will only accept either Miss Michaels or Rev. Dr. Royale and maybe Young Miss Ritz.)

What did Willam do to get disqualified?

and most importantly…

How could you make us wait, like this RuPaul? How could you, Ru?!? How could you?!?!?

UPDATE: Well it appears that The Daily Beast has all the goss on the finale taping. I read the article with my mouth agape. It’s that scalding!


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