Bullet Points – Mad Men 05:07

Photo Credit: Ron Jaffe / AMC

Well, it’s time for some fun, wouldn’t you say?

So to prepare for this episode, let’s call up some old friends, get our dinner party frocks together, and put on our lip gloss.

And let’s not invite any boring parents or grandparents, shall we?

  • Why Sally Draper you little minx you! Managing to track down creepy Glen Bishop and still carry on a long-distance relationship.
  • Poor Pauline, tripping over the telephone chord. And way to blame Bobby’s toys, you little Jezebel!
  • Speaking of Jezebels, the Quebecois version’s parents come to the Draper Romper Room. (Side Note: Great casting choice of getting Julia Ormond to play Megan’s mother).
  • As shocked as I was by the return of Glen Bishop, I was even more shocked by the return of Miss Mona Sterling! Even more shocking was the levels of empathy that Roger had in that little meeting. That LSD trip did him a world of good.
  • I always love when Peggy and Joan have their little chats in Joan’s office. All smoking and bitching about the dumb menfolk around them.
  • So Peggy and Abe are moving in together? Color me shocked because in 1966 that was considered the height of immorality. Katherine may have flown off the handle but she had a point.
  • How amazing was that moment when Megan basically pulled a Don and saved the Heinz account?
  • Also, was anyone else shocked by Peggy’s whole “savor it” speech?
  • Shocking quote of the night #1: “Men don’t take the time to end things. They ignore you until you insist on a declaration of hate.” Oh, Joanie!
  • Shocking quote of the night #2: “One day your little girl will spread her legs and fly away.”  – Emile  “Wings, daddy.” – Megan
  • Holy Tiny Go-Go Dancer frock, Miss Sally!
  • Was anyone else reminded of the season 3 episode “The Color Blue” during the American Cancer Society awards dinner? Don got an award but was bamboozled by Ed Baxter’s comment that no one trusts him. Don’s wife had an unsettling conversation with an older man (“Don’t let your love for this man stop you from doing what you wanted to do.”). And a Draper woman opens something she wasn’t supposed to open and what she saw left her shocked and confused. Knowing this show, it had to have been intentional.
  • One of the big themes running through the episode was disappointment. From Emile and Marie’s marriage, to Peggy’s lack of a marriage proposal, to Emile’s failed business meeting, to Emile’s cryptic comment to Megan, to Don hearing what people really thought about him, to Sally seeing the underside of what adults do, to Joan’s marriage; everyone was disappointed by what should have been and has yet to reconcile with what is.
  • So, Sally’s last call to Glen saying the city was dirty had me thinking about a Crazy Mad Men Theory – Ever since the show began, show creator Matt Weinert has stated that one of the underlying motifs of the show is how New York would decline in the 1960s from shining metropolitan to crime-ridden slum in the 1970s. Who wants to bet that Sally ends up going to California soon, like say college?
  • While we’re on the subject of the Draper women, let me throw out another Crazy Mad Men Theory – Seeing as how next week’s episode is titled “Lady Lazarus”, which was writer Bud Schulberg’s description of this woman, combined with Emile’s comment, and her musical numbers, I’m guessing Megan’s original ambition was to come to New York to be a singer. Far fetched, sure. But why not?
  • Then again when you hear the words “Lady Lazarus,” you often think of this bit of poetry. If that’s the case, I see bad things in store for some female member of this group.

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