Birthday Weekend 2012 or Mr. O’Dowd Is A Busy Boy

As you all know (or should know), my birthday was this past Friday on April 27. The weekend was spent doing lots of things, including having cocktails with a dear friend, coordinating a wedding (and getting a bottle of single barrel bourbon as a birthday present from the bride and groom!), going to an anniversary party for my dear friends Jason and Abby (yes, that Jason), seeing Raja from Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race at the Saloon on Saturday as part of their 35th Anniversary party (more on that later), saying farewell to the amazing Kareem Ahmed (follow him people; he’s amazing), and doing all of this with a chest cold!



But the big news of the weekend was on Thursday. I am now a contributor to the LOL-OMG! blog at l’etoile Magazine. I’ve been a big fan of l’etoile and LOL-OMG! since their inception and I am honored to join the team, and thrilled to work with two dear friends of mine, l’etoile Editor-In-Chief Jahna Peloquin and LOL-OMG! Editor Marina Maric. This is going be exciting and fun. So be sure to follow along on the blog and on their twitter feed @LOLOMGblog.



Meanwhile, today, 30 April is the last day of the third year of 30 Days Of Biking, with a happy hour for the last day today at 5pm. I’m proud to say that I’ve been doing it since Round 1 several years ago and I’ve met some of the most amazing people ever doing it. I am thrilled to be part of this joyful community of bicyclists. So I was delighted in having some small part in helping with the official wrap party on Friday, 4 May at One On One Bicycle Studio in Minneapolis.

And of course, wedding season is upon us once again, so expect me to be a busy man all through the summer. Maybe one of these days, I’ll sit down and start writing a series of wedding planning posts; you know, what the books and experts won’t tell you and why you should do this instead of that, and so forth. What do you think, oh people on the interwebs. Should I do it? Sound off in the comments section.

Well that’s all for now. And now we return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

xoxo ~ TO’


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