Bullet Points – RuPaul’s Drag Race 04:13

Image Credit: LogoTV.com

Hello Friends! Before we get to the bullet points, I figured that the events of last night’s episode required a note to the man in charge. And so…

~ An Open Letter To RuPaul ~

Dear RuPaul: I have been a fan of yours since the first time I saw you (which would have been your cameos in this video and that video respectively). Like many of the children who follow (and occasionally do) drag, your poise, professionalism, and perfection have been an inspiration to all of us. To list all of the ways you have inspired and are continuing to inspire the children would be a monumental task. So what I am about to say next comes from the bottom of my heart…

What The Hell Were You Thinking?!?



Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

  • And once again, it’s time to film the video for “Glamazon”, which if you haven’t seen yet…

  • … now you have.
  • While I am sad to miss the glory that is choreographer Ryan Huffington serving the moves with genderfuck ease, it was a treat to see the legendary Candis Cayne.
  • Show of hands: Who was scared for Sharon not getting the steps?
  • Then came the filming with Mathu Andersen, who looked downright creepy. Side note, Mr. Andersen is a well-regarded photographer and makeup artist. How can he not see that the beard is doing him no favors.
  • The filming was cute and I was living for Ru spraying hairspray into the eyes of That “Woman” (we will not deign to use the name – I used it once in discussing her chances of winning and that was enough).
  • Side note: If Ru could slap poor Chad to get a proper reaction, couldn’t she have used pepper spray instead of hairspray? I’m just saying.
  • A surprise visit by one Tyra Sanchez and one Raja (yet no Bebe Zahara Bennet? Shocking).

And on a VERY important side note, Miss Raja will be headed to my fair city of Minneapolis on Saturday, 28 April as part of The Saloon‘s 35th Anniversary Celebration. Which of course is the day after my anniversary celebration of being born. (What number you ask? A blogger never tells their age.)

  • And then it’s the annual lunch with Auntie Ru. This year, instead of the usual tic-tacs, it’s jellybeans. Is she trying to fatten up her girls (for the slaughter)? Chad said it best “I haven’t eaten since 1972.”
  • The lunch usually ends up being revealing. Tt’s sweet to hear about Chad’s personal life and that he and his mom have such a healthy relationship. Phi Phi’s domestic abuse issues, while horrible, do nothing but grate on the nerves. To quote myself earlier this season, “…she tries to bully her competitors but when they try and return the compliment, she claims that they’re ganging up on her. You can’t be both abuser and victim at the same time Miss O’Hara.” Sharon’s lunch was interesting. Her long time lover Alaska Thunderfuck has also been trying to get on the show for a long time, but hasn’t. Sharon’s worry about Alaska’s resentment if she wins is something extremely unexpected. That said, Alaska’s chances have risen (see Sahara Davenport and Manilla Luzon!).
  • Okay was anyone else howling as they played the inspirational monologues while Ru was slapping the girls?
  • Runway Time: Sharon freaks us out one last time with tentacle fingers; Chad is serving Barbarella as designed by Versace, and Phi Phi… I can’t.
  • At the exact moment that the tranny-wreck Michelle Visage called Phi Phi “the next generation of drag,” I started the letter writing campaign to bring back Merle Ginsberg. Once again Michelle, you have no taste! And I don’t mean that as a compliment.
  • And “For The First Time In Drag Race History…” A three way Lip Synch For Your Life!
  • And now #DRAGRACEDISGRACE (Thanks to The A.V. Club for that one.) So Twitter is deciding this one? Okay, we have till Wednesday so everyone tweet your favorites.
  • In all honesty I feel bad for the queens. Ru should not have played them like that. That is cruel!
  • Even worse, I have to agree with this tweet by the inimitable Tom and Lorenzo, which summed it up for me: “They’re F-ing too much with the viewers and that is not good.” Basically, if you dick around with the audience too much, they’ll hate the show and leave. See the last two seasons of Project Runway as model and caution regarding that.

Ah well. Back here next week everyone. All I have to say is that This Had Better Be Worth It, RuPaul! Or else the children will revolt and start calling you Super Booger Of The World


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