Stone Arch Bridge Festival Announces the 2012 Lineup

Rather than take the moment of me ominously offering my opinions (and alliterating yet), I’m going to use my bully pulpit (ha!) to cheer on something I’m excited about.

The 2012 Stone Arch Bridge Festival (note the name change people!) has just released its lineup of musicians for the three stages. Of course the Cake in 15 crew has more details (which makes sense since the lovely & talented Stacy Schwartz did the booking) and I have to say that the lineup is pretty amazing! Stone Arch has always had the benefit of being a showcase of some of the best local artists on the cusp (and that’s due to Stacy’s very smart curatorial eye) and the fact that it’s free is always a plus.

Another tantalizing tease is that (well aside from the new late-night concerts!) is that No-Coast Craft-O-Rama will be having vendors at the festival this year. This is wonderful that the festival is adding this in to really up its game.

In fact, all of these new changes to the festival are wonderful news! After the tumultuousness of last year saying that the festival was going under, it’s nice to see them back and reorganized and reinvigorated.

And the fact that it’s the same weekend as you-know-what is kind of ingenious and ballsy!


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