RuPaul’s Drag Race – Royal Watch (Part 2)

Previously on RuPaul’s Drag Race….

… the show took a break before the finale to recap the events of the past season.

In lieu of recapping that recap, I’ve decided to analyze the final three queens; looking at their strengths, weaknesses, and their honest chances of winning.

After turning to the first finalist (and they say the first post is the hardest in a series), we move on to a happier topic…

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Category: Perfection!

If you had asked me in the beginning of this season if Chad Michaels would have made it to the final three, I probably would have said no. Not that she isn’t talented, but because she’s been doing this for so long that she might be set in her (very talented) ways.

Well, shut my moth, because I am so happy to be wrong!

The Pros:

  • First off, she is a pro. As in professional. Chad’s professionalism has helped her sail over some of the romper room behavior of her competitors.
  • Her looks are always on point. Every look that she brings to the runway is well thought out and put together and smart.
  • More to the point, each of her looks easily portrays “realness;” not in trying to pass as a woman but a real three dimensional character on stage. Think back to her MILF look in the wet t-shirt contest, her giraffe bodysuit, her inaugural ball gown, and her homage to Florence Welch. Each look is distinct and vastly different from the others.
  • Of all the queens this season, she is perhaps the most talented. Yes her singing in the duet challenge was a little under par, but she handled the sitcom and wrestling challenges with aplomb. And even though she makes her living doing it, her Cher during Snatch Game was a high point of the season (and the fact that she managed to pull off three different outfits over the corse of the game proves that she has good instincts).

The Cons:

  • Michelle Visage can’t stand her. Every year Michelle always rags on one queen non stop. Last season it was poor Alexis, and this year it’s Chad. Unlike Snra. Mateo, Miss Michaels is not letting anyone come up to her, be it judge or contestant. Even though Michelle’s “she’s too safe” comment is several shades of B.S….
  • Michelle’s comment about Chad being “too perfect” is right on the money. Chad has been doing this for so long that there’s little she can’t be thrown off by that it makes her slightly inhuman. At least in the judges and audiences’s eyes. That could be a downfall.

And now, THE C.U.N.T. SCORE; a breakdown of what this queen has to offer in the necessary fields from 0 to 5 and then averaged:

  • Charisma: 5
  • Uniqueness: 3
  • Nerve: 3
  • Talent: 5
  • C.U.N.T. SCORE = 4

My prediction: Unless she fucks it up and comes in third, or if Ru wants to continue the Sharon/Phi Phi feud to the bitter end, expect it to come down to Chad and Sharon. My guess is Chad will come in second, but it will be close (in the mode of the epic Nina Flowers / Bebe Zahara Bennet finale in Season 1).



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