Bullet Points – RuPaul’s Drag Race 04:11

It’s a dog eat dog world, drag. One day you’re the top bitch in the park, the next day it’s off to puppy heaven.

We’re getting to the home stretch and once again RuPaul makes a wrong-headed decision that could bite her in the ass. Not to the level of eliminating Pandora Boxx in season 2 levels of mistake but pretty bad in my eyes.

I’m trying to avoid saying such hyperbole as in “the wrong queen went home tonight” or “the most shocking elimination in the show’s history” or anything like that for fear of spoiling the episode. So let’s get to it.

  • Drag queen puppets! Say those three words out loud. Brilliant, no?
  • To their credit, all of the puppets looked amazing, and the performances were adorable. And to her credit (and this is the only credit I would give her), Phi Phi was pretty hilarious (and recreating Latrice’s jewelry breakdown was brilliant). But Chad was showing more shade than a forest of palm trees. Well done, mama!
  • And of course, we end the season with a Paris Is Burning-esque themed drag ball, but with dog themed costumes. It’s a nice twist.
  • As much as Phi Phi can whine about the dog choices, she would have done the same thing had she won.
  • And that takes me to my big problem with Phi Phi; she tries to bully her competitors but when they try and return the compliment, she claims that they’re ganging up on her. You can’t be both abuser and victim at the same time Miss O’Hara. Oddly enough, I took a look at her twitter feed (alas it’s a sight I’ll never get out of my head) and she was spewing all sorts of “Haters gonna hate” nonsense. In reality shows, there’s a difference of being a self-aware, entertaining “villain” and just being mean and spiteful (to use Project Runway as an example, compare Wendy of Season 1 with Santino of Season 2). And that’s my problem with Phi Phi: there’s a difference to being a competitor, but as the other three have shown you can be competitive and hungry for the title and still be classy about it.
  • The runway was actually good all the way around, even Phi Phi. That said, she should truly ditch the curly wig as it adds 30 years to her face.
  • Though I disagree with the decisions made, Wynona Judd and Rose McGowan were good judges.
  • I always hate when Ru asks “Who should leave?”. And I can understand why Latrice chose Sharon for the elimination. But the fact is that Sharon’s style of punk drag embraces such “flaws” as torn hems, etc.
  • Speaking of which, Untucked was pretty awesome as a bad comedy of errors. And god bless Chad and Latrice for trying to be mature mentors to Sharon and Phi Phi respectively. But it was nice watching Chad bearing her claws about Phi Phi.
  • That said, shame on all of you queens for keeping Dita Von Tease waiting! Bad queens! If Ru doesn’t take her girls to task over that, I will be shocked.
  • As soon as I heard the music for the lip sync, I knew it was over for Latrice. And I do not agree with this elimination One Damn Bit. Not that either of them should have been in the bottom. That said, Chad brought it.
  • And it’s an extremely sad sashay away to Rev. Dr. Latrice Mother-Fucking Royale! You did not deserve to be played like this.
  • And we have our final three: Sharon Needles, Chad Michaels, and Phi Phi O’Hara.


  • Chad Michaels: 0 (1 for the mini challenge, -1 for bottom 2)
  • Latrice Royale: -2
  • Phi Phi O’Hara: 0
  • Sharon Needles: 4

Cumulative Scores

  1. Sharon Needles: 24
  2. Chad Michaels: 23
  3. Phi Phi O’Hara: 18
  4. Latrice Royale: 13
  5. Willam: 10
  6. Dida Ritz & Madame LaQueer: 4 (Tie)
  7. Kenya Michaels: 3
  8. Jiggly Caliente: 2
  9. Milan: 1
  10. LaShawn Beyond & The Princess: -1
  11. Alisa Summers: -2

Observations: Well, it’s clear who our winner is. And if there’s any justice in the world, the top two listed will be the two lip synching for the crown, while the third will have a melt down of Rebecca Glasscock proportions. But then again, Ru does like to fuck with the audience, which has me scared for Sharon.

So next week is the recap episode, and in lieu of a standard recap, I will have a special surprise for you on Tuesday.

EDITED TO ADD: Tuesday, 10 April – As we all know, the final challenge is the filming of RuPaul’s video “Glamazon” with the final 3. Well, Logo has posted the video and it features all (and I do mean ALL) of the judges from this season. Let’s all watch it obsessively and analyze what it means.


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