Bullet Points – Mad Men 05:04

Photo Credit: Michael Yarish / AMC

No reason to post this shot except to say that Joan’s dress is GORGEOUS! Once again, costume designer Janie Bryant makes an amazing outfit that women and drag queens all over would knife someone for. Speaking of which, props to AMC for getting Ms. Bryant to do a weekly check in on why she costumed someone the way she did.

I’m not sure if I liked this episode on initial viewing. It just seemed disjointed what with the title, and bringing in the while Richard Speck murders. Don’t get me wrong; an episode of Mad Men is always necessary viewing in my world, but this episode felt disjointed.

Well, let’s get the props we need for this one: Sleeping Pills? Purses? Accordions? Big honking knives? Good? Let’s get to it.

  • It interesting that at the time of the Speck murders, we also had the airline strike, and the riots. One interesting thing that came to my mind was the notion of sensationalism. What’s really more important versus what everyone’s talking about.
  • Speaking of sensationalism: Was anyone else creeped out by the Pauline / Sally scenes? It felt like a head trip.
  • Speaking of head trips: Again with the dream sequences! Granted Betty has hers when she’s under sedation and Don has his when he’s ill but enough is enough. That said the hallucination was pretty amazing and it had a nice tie back of bodies hidden under beds/couches. In Don’s case it’s him trying to get rid of his past so he can keep what he has with Megan going. In Sally’s case, it’s an attempt to push back to a  prepubescent state. Like Roger asked last week “When will things go back to normal?” The answer, never.
  • Speaking of Roger, once again he’s throwing his money around but this time he made the mistake of throwing it at Miss Peggy Olson, who knew that she had the upper hand in this situation. Best line of the night: “The $10 is for the work. The rest is for the lie.”
  • Photo Credit: Michael Yarish / AMC

    Speaking of Peggy: How awesome was the scene with Dawn? That was lovely. And another great thing (and why I include the picture): As Tom and Lorenzo have mentioned before in their Mad Style posts (which are some of the best commentary about the show), Janie Bryant will often have a character match the scenery to tie them to that place. As you can see Peggy matches her couch exactly. But so does Dawn (the light blue and the green in her dress also match the couch and the green also matches the green in Peggy’s dress). Of course the message is clear: both of them are trailblazers. Or as Aretha and Anne said, “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves.”

  • That said, Peggy’s little panic attack about her purse was kind of low but at the same time understandable in the milieu she was in. And of course Dawn would fold up everything and put it all away.
  • And while we’re on the subject of Dawn, is it me or is she sporting some Diahann Carroll in Julia realness? Of course that show wouldn’t air for another two years, but still!
  • And how awesome was it to see the return of Joyce, everyone’s favorite lesbian photo journalist!
  • Back to feminist anthems in the flesh – Joan. So we all got our wish and our girl kicked the rapist husband to the curb. In fact the whole episode was a flashback to their entire relationship (aside from this classic moment). Even joan’s clothes told the story (and the accordion appearance after she found out that he had volunteered to go back to Vietnam was another callback). And while Gladys can be a pain in her neck (though I love her), that last shot felt a little hopeful for our girl.



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