Bullet Points – Mad Men 05:03

Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC

What a fun episode. Last week, the SCDP kids, known for not being up with the times, got a dose of being on the wrong side of history as African-Americans came marching on to the screen. Now that Dawn has arisen (pun intended), the youth revolution of the mid-60s is coming in a big way.

Well pour a cup of tea, and check your thyroids, because here we go…

  • Mrs. Henry Francis (née Betty Hofstrad Draper) finally appears on the scene, and the first thought I had was “Jesus Christ, Betty! What the hell happened to you?” Not that I’m being lookist, but since Betty has always pulled herself together it was shocking to see a fuller figured Betty on the screen. But credit for making it a symptom of her underlying depression (and credit to Matthew Weiner for working January Jones’s real life pregnancy in a unique way). And the thyroid scare was enough to hopefully push Betty back to some from of happiness.
  • Speaking of happiness (for us, not Betty) welcome back Pauline! Who doesn’t love it when Betty gets the wind taken out of her sails by her?
  • Meanwhile we finally see the Francis’s house and frankly it looks like a funeral home. It just looks depressing and morbid.
  • But not nearly as morbid as Betty’s Thyroid cancer scare. It’s good that it was just a scare but at the same time hopefully it will snap Betty back to life. She’s now in the same place Don was last season expect turning to food as opposed to booze. But here’s hoping she’ll take the hint. That’s partially why I think they chose “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” as the last song of the episode.
  • While we’re on the subject of growing up, it seems that Don and Roger’s protégées (Peggy and Pete respectively) are growing up and taking more responsibility: Pete by landing Mohawk and ordering Roger to handle it, and Peggy having to hire a male copywriter. It’s frankly kind of sad to watch the mighty Roger Sterling fall apart so brazenly.
  • So who doesn’t think that Michael Ginsberg is the new male Peggy Olson? It’s actually funny to watch. They’re both awkward (yet talented) as hell. Even Michael’s house looked like the old Olson house in Brooklyn.
  • And backstage at the Stones concert at Madison Square Garden?!? I die!
  • Speaking of squares, Harry and Don stick out like sore thumbs. At least Harry somewhat knew how to handle himself around the youth quake (thanks to his time in Los Angeles) but Don looked like Joe Friday on a really good day on Dragnet. He couldn’t do anything but lecture the kids.
  • And can we say that the end of the episode was fabulous?

Next time: Mystery Date!


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