Bullet Points – RuPaul’s Drag Race 04:09

Finally! Candidates worth believing in, people! If anything this is a challenge that shows once again the queens need to bring their imagination and resourcefulness to the table.

So let’s poke some chads (pun intended) and stuff some ballot boxes (pun intended) and get to it.

  • Willam really left an impression, didn’t she?
  • That mini challenge was certainly something, wasn’t it? And Jeffrey Moran was his usual, Absolut-ly vexing self. Yes he’s cute but he’s like a fangless Michelle Visage.
  • Phi Phi wins the mini challenge. Tacky ho! Sorry, I am OVER HER.
  • This challenge was pretty awesome in that it showed the intelligence and smarts of the girls.
  • So he may get on my nerves, and the It Gets Better campaign is a little wrong-headed in my eyes (and by that I mean while these kind words are great it does nothing about the here and now of bullied kids), all of that said Dan Savage was a spectacular judge. I’ll go even further; one of, if not the best guest judges in the show’s history. Incisive questions during the workroom walk through, smart commentary on the judges’s panel – color me impressed.
  • Chad served funky white girl on the panel and Lady Bird Johnson (or “Marcus Bachman… in his dreams” to quote Mr. Savage) on the runway. What saved Chad’s ass was the fact that he was consistent with his character the entire time through the challenge and that papered over the fact that he didn’t really meet the challenge.
  • Dida (who I do love and think has a ton of potential) was boring as hell. Contrary to her and Chad’s protestations, the judges clearly wanted the queens to bring a point of view to the challenge and take it somewhat seriously. After all, if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for everything.
  • Latrice was surprisingly flat. I was shocked. Thank god she Brought It to the lip sync and took us all to church.
  • And speaking of the fart in church, let’s talk about Phi Phi. I (like every right-thinking person on the planet) was looking at her through splayed fingers and was shocked as hell by her reference to The Help. And Michelle was absolutely right; there is a way to do political incorrectness and be funny but the audience has to be in on the joke (see Manilla Luzon’s reporter from season 3).
  • But Sharon Needles brought her A+ game this week and was the rightful winner. And she looked like an actually pretty Michelle Bachman, which was disturbing. And she proved just how smart she is; from her banter with Dan Savage to her debate to her runway look, everything was witty and on point.
  • And it’s a sad Sashay Away for Miss Dida. Keep going on girl. And don’t feel too bad: your lip sync was on-point but Miss Latrice took us home.

And now The Drag Race Scoreboard

  • Chad: 3 (Second Place)
  • Dida: -2
  • Latrice: -1
  • Phi Phi: 1 (winning the mini challenge)
  • Sharon: 4


  1. Chad Michaels & Sharon Needles: 20
  2. Latrice Royale: 16
  3. Phi Phi O’Hara: 14
  4. Willam: 10
  5. Dida Ritz & Madame LaQueer: 4
  6. Kenya Michaels: 3
  7. Jiggly Caliente: 2
  8. Milan: 1
  9. The Princess: -1
  10. LaShawn Beyond: -1
  11. Alisa Summers: -2

So we wait yet another week for a certain shady queen to get the axe but tonight Ru pulled out her “I’m bringing someone back” bit. So who will be coming back? My guess (and hope) would be Willam, if for no other reason than it would stir some sh*t up.


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