RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars

Not a myth.

Not a dream.

It’s really happening people!!!

Entertainment Weekly broke the news that RuPaul is having an All Stars competition later this year and I for one say “About Damn Time!” And on Facebook, we the children can pick one of the competitors.

So, here are my pics for who should be in on this competition… and why.

Before I begin, a few disclaimers. I tried to avoid anyone who had already won their season (so that takes out Bebe, Tyra, and Raja). Also I tried to pick who would be not only obvious choices but also would be a good combination together. Finally, I’m avoiding picking anyone from the current season since no one knows how it’ll shake out. So away we go:

  • Rebecca Glasscock – Now before you all yell at me, hear me out. This would be the chance for her to redeem herself. Plus it’d be fun to see if she’s grown and matured since her time there.
  • Tammie Brown – A special and unique creature.
  • Ongina – File under “obviously!”
  • Nina Flowers – Another obvious choice. In my mind Nina would make it to the final three for two reasons; (1) she is the absolute best of the genderfuck queens the show’s ever had, and (2) more importantly, she’s also the most versatile queen in the show’s history in terms of her looks. And, lest we all forget it was the closest finale in the show’s history between Nina and Bebe.
  • Shangela – I know, I know, BUT she is a talented queen. And she would stir the pot.
  • Mystique – Bring back Miss Two Piece and A Biscuit and let’s see if she’s learned to pull it together
  • Sahara Davenport – It would be fun to see her return if only to bring back…
  • Manilla Luzon – Yes Manilla is polished, but could you imagine the drama if Sahara got eliminate before Manilla? Or better yet if they had to Lip Synch for Their Lives against each other?!?
  • Stacey Layne Matthews – It’d be nice to see that the pride of Back Swamp had shown some growth since last time.
  • Jessica Wild – Actually I’d bring back all of the Puerto Rican queens from Seasons 1-3 but while Nina has the strength and versatility, Alexis has the showgirl performance skills, and Yara Sofia has the looks, Miss Jessica has an old-school on-point glam to bring to the table. Plus, as witnessed by her Absolut commercial where she made fun of the challenge she got eliminated on, she has a sly sense of humor about herself that could be fun.
  • Jujube – Another “duh” choice, but we need the greatest lip syncher in the show’s history in on this.
  • Pandora Boxx – If anyone was hosed the most during the competition than Pandy, I don’t know who it is. In fact, in my mind I would love to see it come down to Pandora and Nina for the final two.

Now again, no one knows who will make the cut, but it will be interesting to see who is in.

So who do you think will make the cut? Sound off.



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