Bullet Points – RuPaul’s Drag Race 04:07

Well, this was certainly something wasn’t it? I don’t know how I feel about this week, and not just because of the winner (ugh!) but because it just felt so, so, weak.

So let’s dive in. And be sure to stick around for the audience participation part of this post.

  • I was almost tempted to call this episode the “Beat the Jiggly Piñata” day, but I digress. Besides, we all knew that she was not long for this world. That said, man this was not her week at all, was it.
  • The other legendary challenge of RPDR, the reading challenge, was tonight! Laypeople may wonder what is so special about insulting your colleagues, but any queen worth her salt knows that throwing shade is part of the job. And the ability to read with style and wit is essential.
  • Ru has been mixing these up but I will now once and for all explain the difference between an insult, a read and shade (using season 2’s defining reading challenge as examples). An insult is just that; insulting (i.e. Jessica Wild’s poor attempts). Throwing Shade is where you find the flaw in the other person but you don’t have to say the flaw because everyone knows it (i.e. Tyra Sanchez “I don’t read people.” RuPaul “Of course not, Tyra. You’re a Christian.”) A read is where you hone in on a flaw and call it out for all you’re worth in the most witty style possible (i.e. Jujube’s legendary reading that season).
  • That said, congrats to Miss Latrice for once again showing the children how it’s done (though points off on my scorecard for quoting the famous read by Miss Juju). A bonus point though goes to Miss Sharon for her retort to Phi Phi’s slam about Party City (“That’s where you found your Lady Gaga wig.)
  • As for the Dragazine challenge: while this is nowhere near what one would have to do as a queen (thought come to think of it there’s a famous movie musical scene where a female impersonator is a fashion magazine editor) but it does speak volumes to the queen’s creativity, wit, and their ability to realize a full concept.
  • That said, this challenge was A MESS! I can see why Phi Phi won (I don’t like it but I can see why), but at the same time it was the least bad of the offerings on hand.  But props must go to Ru for calling her out on taking the path of least resistance with the challenge.
  • Speaking of judging both Pam Tillis (who looked amazing) and Regina King (who looked stunning) really stepped up to the plate at the judges’s table with strong critiques.
  • “I never equate fabulous drag queens and ‘cute.’ I want to be devastated.” – Pam Tillis speaks the truth!
  • Damn it, Dida! The judges keep telling you bigger hair to soften your jawline! Listen to them!
  • As much as I can understand Phi Phi’s win, I personally liked Sharon’s cat magazine, channeling both Big and Little Edie Beale at the same time. I thought it was wittier.
  • As for the lip synch, it was over before it started; not because Jiggly is a bad performer (she’s actually one of the better ones this season at the lip synch) but because she failed to connect to the material. I’m not saying Willam was brilliant, but she pulled it off.
  • So farewell dear Jiggly (may we call you Jiggly?). Your naïveté bit you in the ass lady.

On to The Drag Race Scoreboard

  • Chad: 1
  • Dida: 1
  • Jiggly: -2
  • Latrice: 1 (1 for the mini challenge, 0 for bottom three)
  • Phi Phi: 4
  • Sharon: 3

Cumulative Scores (this time in order because I want to discuss something)

  1. Sharon Needles: 17
  2. Chad Michaels: 16
  3. Phi Phi O’Hara: 14
  4. Latrice Royale: 13
  5. Willam: 12
  6. Dida Ritz: 5
  7. Madame LaQueer: 4
  8. Kenya Michaels: 3
  9. Jiggly Caliente: 2
  10. Milan: 1
  11. The Princess: -1
  12. LaShawn Beyond: -1
  13. Alisa Summers: -2

Observations: Ok, when I tested out the Drag Race Scoreboard with the past 3 seasons, the thing that I found was that there was a gradual gradation from the bottom to the top (though by these metrics, Nina Flowers would have won season 1 and Pandora Box would have been in second place in season 2). What strikes me with this season is the vast divide between the top 5 and 6th place (which is Miss Dida). But it makes sense; the top 5 are all experienced queens who know what they’re doing, while the rest are all still young queens. Also, none of the top four have been in the bottom 2 on any challenge, which explains why Phi Phi is now in third place. As far as I’m concerned (and as long as Ru doesn’t do something stupid, it’s safe to call Sharon and Chad making it into the final lap. As for the third person, it’s anyone’s guess.

NEXT WEEK: Singing, Duets (hopefully someone will do this one), Pamela Anderson, Willam pukes, and (if things look right according to previews) Miss O’Hara might need to practice her lip synching skills…

And now for the audience participation portion of this post: In the comments, pick a queen from the remaining six, and read her. Remember, I’m judging on wit, creativity, and panache. So, who do you think is filth and why? The Library, as they say, Is Open!



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