Bullet Points – RuPaul’s Drag Race 04:06

You know, I have to hand it to the producers of RPDR. Not only do they manage to have funny and inventive, but they often offer a crash course in queer culture or, in tonight’s case, LGBT history her-story.

So with that being said, let us all put on our most exotic hats and raise our glasses (and bricks) to the legendary Martha P. Johnson, the mother of us all. If you don’t know who this legendary activist, personality (and Warhol muse) is, well now you do. And if you’re a queer (and more specifically, a queen) who doesn’t, then shame on you! No, really; shame on you! (If Miss Martha was here she’d tell us to “Pay It No Mind,” but we digress…)

So onto the episode.

  • “You ain’t ever going to be in West Side Story again!” – LOL
  • Milan, sweetie. Genderfuck is one thing and has been the provence of many a famous queen (see Nina Flowers, Ongina, and to lesser extents Raja and Ru herself) but you’ve just been teeter-totter-ing on the side of busted throughout this competition.
  • The Wet T-Shirt and Boobs Mini Challenge was fun (sort of the Alexis Mateo memorial challenge). Willam easily won not only for having a great body but also pulling off a realized character up there. She also did something smart: while she didn’t cut her t-shirt low, she used it to make sure her breasts wouldn’t go flying.
  • Also scoring high in my book were Chad (the cougar trying to hard character was brilliant), Sharon (serving Debbie Harry Does Daytona Beach), and Latrice.
  • Show of Hands: Was it wrong that I was ROTFL-ing as Phi Phi fell apart? If that’s wrong, well I don’t want to be right.
  • “Drumroll, please!” Hilarious!
  • So the main challenge was basically the RPDR equivalent of the dreaded “Make A Pretty Dress” challenge on Project Runway. Explain this to me gang; fashion forward at a Pride parade? Usually those concepts don’t go together.
  • That said making floats based on the original Gay Pride flag? And a veiled reference to the hanky code? Emmys all around, I say!
  • Some of the historical bits were surprise even to me.
  • “It looks like a Kylie Minogue concert exploded in here!” Speaking of which, why hasn’t my favorite Aussie diva been a judge yet?!?
  • Phi Phi’s eye roll to Willam’s ass kissing of Ru might be the best thing she’s done yet.
  • So what do we make of Willam’s current play to be the Tyra Sanchez of the group? What makes this different is that she has the talent (and the self-awareness) to make it work for her and still have the audience love her. When critics talk about performances in a reality television show setting, this is what they mean.
  • It Pittsburg is a city that won’t allow Sharon at their Pride parade, then I don’t want to be there!
  • Miss Kelly Osbourne showed up on the judges’s panel. In a tiara.  Well played.
  • As for the girls: Chad looked like a showgirl, Dida wasn’t fashion forward but her best face yet, Jiggly was a mess, Milan even more so, Sharon was kind of pedestrian (!), Latrice served it Up!, Willam was all about the body, and Phi Phi was slightly better.
  • There was a touch of judging justification since both Willam and Milan both made their floats about them, but Willam at least had more art about his. And Milan, honey you are no Kevin Aviance!
  • No surprises about the winner (Willam), the bottom two, or who went home. As soon as Milan ripped off her wig AGAIN, it was over.
  • Now let’s talk Untucked. Who didn’t pee when Miss Kelly showed up in the gold bar to goss with the girls? Who couldn’t see that Kenya’s letter was clear producer manipulation?

And now, it’s time for The Drag Race Scoreboard. Here we go

  • Chad: 1
  • Dida: 0
  • Jiggly: -1
  • Latrice: 3 (It was clear she was in second place)
  • Milan: -2
  • Phi Phi: 2
  • Sharon: 1
  • Willam 5 (1 for the mini-challenge, 4 for the main challenge)


  • Alisa Summers: -2 (Eliminated)
  • Chad Michaels: 15
  • Dida Ritz: 4
  • Jiggly Caliente: 4
  • Kenya Michaels: 3 (Eliminated)
  • LaShawn Beyond: 1
  • Latrice Royale: 12
  • Madame LaQueer: 4 (Eliminated)
  • Milan: 1 (Eliminated)
  • Phi Phi O’Hara: 10
  • Sharon Needles: 16
  • The Princess: -1 (Eliminated)
  • Willam: 12

Observations: Well, if it wasn’t clear last week it is now: we have a top 4 people! And I called it; it’s Sharon, Chad, Latrice, and Willam.  Phi Phi is only surviving because she hasn’t been in the bottom yet.  As for the rest, it says something about the queens when there’s such a disparity between the leaders and the rest. I mean Dida and Jiggly both have the same amount of points as Madame LaQueer, who has the highest score of the eliminated queens thus far.

Next Week: It’s some challenge with magazines, but who cares! The Library Is Open, y’all!

Finally, who didn’t love the amped up pit crew for the runway show today? I’m surprised some intrepid queen didn’t take the opportunity to recreate this moment of musical theatre madness.


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