Bullet Points – RuPaul’s Drag Race 04:05

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Every good reality television show has one challenge that defines the show’s core values and is a touchstone for fans to get excited about.

For Project Runway, it’s the unconventional materials challenge.

For Top Chef, it’s Restaurant Wars.

And on RuPaul’s Drag Race, it’s Snatch Game!

Ever since it’s debut in the second season, Snatch Game is one of the most eagerly awaited challenges in the show. It’s also the most illuminating: Not all drag queens are impersonators (though there are many that make their living doing so – including one of this season’s contestants) but it’s an important part of drag and more importantly it reveals a lot about the girls.

That said, this year’s Snatch Game was considerably better than last year (though not as good as Season 2, but then what is). It helped that there were three groups: the good ones, the middle, and the bottom.

But on to the points:

  • “America’s Next Drag Queen… will be a big bitch!” Begging your pardon, Rev. Dr. Latrice, but while I approve of a queen marking her territory in light of her recent win, let’s not get it twisted. Mind you I and every right thinking person thinks you have what it takes to get to the end, we all know that this competition is up to the whims of Miss Ru. (*cough* Tyra Sanchez *cough*)
  • The mini challenge was certainly… something…
  • Oh Phi Phi, while pulling a move from the Delta Work playbook was admirable (and a nice bit of damage control), you still have a lot to answer for.
  • As for Snatch Game’s guests (and guest judges), I’ve never been a fan of Ross the Intern (having been compared to him too many times, I’ve failed to see the appeal), but Loretta Devine was fabulous. She looked amazing (no seriously, she hasn’t looked this good since her Dreamgirls/Big Deal days) and had some great critiques on the panel.
  • If last week was the Latrice Royale show, this week was all about Chad Michaels. From the call to his partner, to his jaw-droppingly flawless Cher, this was all about Chad’s amazingness. One quibble; Michelle’s comment about doing Cher being a safe choice was b*llsh*t! Chad’s career has been built on her Cher. If she didn’t do it, she’d be ripped for it (though after last week, Chad should really think about adding Florence Welch into her repertoire immediately).
  • Sharon proves she has some big balls by busing out an on point Michelle Visage impersonation. As we know these things can blow up in one’s face (see Jessica Wild’s cluelessly off take on Ru in season 2’s Snatch Game) but she brought it.
  • Also showing up and competing was Willam who delivered on a sharp Jessica Simpson (the cutout was hilarious!) but let’s talk about the tears on the runway. Can you say “acting?” Seriously, there was no need for the tears but their critique about showing a little more vulnerability was spot on.
  • And now, it’s time for Romper Room with Latrice and Friends. No, really, who didn’t stand up and cheer when Latrice ripped into everyone the next day. A little high and mighty? Perhaps. But it was interesting to clock everyone’s reactions from Jiggly’s apology to Phi Phi’s obnoxiousness.
  • When I saw the preview for this episode I said to myself “If Chad Michaels can’t win this challenge doing Cher, then she should just go home!” Thankfully, she earned her win.
  • And now it’s time for Todd’s Weekly Rant About Milan – I’ve seen Janelle Monaé live. I’ve met Janelle Monaé. You, madame are NO Janelle Monaé. And all of that swiffering with your taint and hyperactive choreography was SO COMPLETELY WRONG for “Vogue.”
  • Speaking of which, I’m about to make a pronouncement: Any Drag Queen, in or out of face, that doesn’t serve up some Paris Is Burning-esque realness on the dance floor the second the opening notes to “Vogue” come on needs to be scalped!
  • It’s a slightly sad sashay away for Kenya.
  • So who do we think is next to get the axe: Milan (that’s two times in a row that she’s had to Lip Synch for Her Life) or Phi Phi (who basically was told by Ru “Don’t let your mouths write checks that your ass can’t cash!”)?

And now, of course, THE DRAG RACE SCOREBOARD! Here’s the breakdown – 1 for the mini-challenge win, 4 for the big win, 3 for second, 2 for third, 1 for being safe, 0 for bottom 3, -1 for bottom 2, -2 for the sashay away.

  • Chad Michaels: 4
  • Dida Ritz: 1
  • Jiggly Caliente: 1
  • Kenya Michaels: -2
  • Latrice Royale: 1
  • Milan: -1
  • Phi Phi O’Hara: 1 (1 for the mini challenge, 0 for bottom 3)
  • Sharon Needles: 3
  • Willam: 2


  • Alisa Summers: -2
  • Chad Michaels: 14
  • Dida Ritz: 4
  • Jiggly Caliente: 5
  • Kenya Michaels: 3
  • LaShawn Beyond: 1
  • Latrice Royale: 9
  • Madame LaQueer: 4
  • Milan: 3
  • Phi Phi O’Hara: 8
  • Sharon Needles: 15
  • The Princess: -1
  • Willam: 7

Observations: As with last week, the top 4 are still the same but now there’s a narrow gap between Sharon and Chad and a 5 point gap between Chad and Latrice. The big move this week is Willam who now moves into a solid 5th place. What’s interesting is that Kenya is behind Madame in terms of points. So who is really bringing shame to Puerto Rico Kenya?

Finally, to explain the photo in the post (well, aside from Todd practicing his WordPress layout skills): In addition to the excellent recaps of Tom and Lorenzo (which, if you do not read their blog, I reserve the right to question your morals publicly), Logo TV has seen to it to have none other than Miss Pandora Box recap the show. Essential Reading, I say!


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