Bullet Points – RuPaul’s Drag Race 04:04

It’s the sitcom challenge! My second-favorite challenge that Auntie Ru puts her girls through. (What’s my favorite? Read on darlings!) Although this episode should really be called The Latrice Royale Variety Hour! Yes, this episode was a showcase to the glory that is Miss Latrice.

Bullet Points!

  • Mini Challenge was a (deliberate) hot mess. While I would have picked Latrice and Milan for the win I have no problem with Willam and Madame’s victory especially since Willam actually came up with a unique concept.
  • So the challenge concept: a sitcom set in a jail. Lovely!
  • As for the teams: Team Madame is a mess with absolutely no cohesion to the group.  Speaking of messes…
  • Milan needs to go. Right now. Bad enough Madame cast Kenya as a butch prison guard (?!?) but then to complain about Sharon helping Kenya with her lines while you were basically pulling the rug out from Kenya last week… *tsk tsk*
  • Show of hands time: who was shocked that Will & Grace creator (and subject of my ire, but that’s a subject for another post) Max Mutchnick fawned over Dida’s performance? It was ok, but compared to the rest of the mess around her (including, sad to say, my darling Sharon Needles) it was a model of Cate Blanchett restraint.
  • Speaking of darling Sharon, Honey Lamb, you were not as good in this challenge as your were in previous ones. To quote a wise queen: Don’t Fuck It Up, Bitch!
  • That said, Sharon wins the “Woman Up” award for actually informing Phi Phi about calling her out on the runway. Phi Phi needs to get the hell over herself tout bloody sweet.
  • As for Team Willam, props to Willam for actually casting correctly and making sure her team was on point. And who didn’t howl when Willam was sassing Mr. Muchnick. “Take your note, and move on.” Deserved Team Win if you ask me.
  • “Get those nuts away from my face!” 90’s Sitcom Realness! If anything, Miss Latrice would be a cause to launch a revival of Living Single!
  • “Everybody makes mistakes, but bitch you’d better look sickening when you get up! Sickening! And make them eat it!” – Words to live you’re life by!
  • And yes, we finally get the “Jesus Is A Biscuit” moment! From now on, she is to be referred to as Rev. Dr. Latrice Royale.
  • Who didn’t gasp when Chad Michaels served her homage to Florence Welch?
  • Condragulations to Rev. Dr. Latrice! She could be the next drag Oprah! And I plan to use 5G’s in discussion soon: Good God, Get a Grip Girl!
  • Kudos to Miss Dida Ritz for actually stepping up and pulling it together in light of her near elimination last week. And props to her great performance. But Billy B and Michelle are right: Fix the hair and lotion the legs woman!
  • “I don’t understand why people take their wigs off. It’s a drag show not wig wars.” Thank you Willam, and I agree! Enough with the ripping off of the wig and outfits! A little decorum queens!
  • And it’s a sad Sashay Away to Madame LaQueer! She has potential, but alas fell apart this week.

And now, of course THE DRAG RACE SCOREBOARD:

  • Chad Michaels: 1
  • Dida Ritz: 3 (She came in second and really gave the second best performance.)
  • Jiggly Caliente: 1
  • Kenya: 0 (Bottom 3.)
  • Latrice: 4
  • Madame LaQueer: -1 (1 for Mini Challenge, -2 for the sashay)
  • Milan: -1
  • Phi Phi O’Hara: 1
  • Sharon Needles: 1
  • Willam: 2 (1 for the mini challenge, 1 for being safe)


  • Alisa Summers: -2
  • Chad Michaels: 10
  • Dida Ritz: 3
  • Jiggly Caliente: 4
  • Kenya Michaels: 5
  • Lashawn Beyond: 1
  • Latrice Royale: 8
  • Madame LaQueer: 4
  • Milan: 4
  • Phi Phi O’Hara: 7
  • Sharon Needles: 12
  • Princess: -1
  • Willam: 5

Observations: I called it last week on Twitter (and you are following me on Twitter, right?), the top 3 are Sharon, Chad, and Latrice! Phi Phi is still fourth (ugh!). But here’s the thing: she needs to step it up or else!


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