Todd Takes On… Doctor Who

ImageSince the winter is upon us (and I need a new project), I’ve decided to enter the “TV Recap/Analysis Game” like Tom & Lorenzo’s brilliant analysis (or closer to home, my buddy Rob Murphy’s analysis of a show I can’t stand). 

So, why Doctor Who?

Well… Why Not? Plus it’s the one show that other bloggers in my sphere aren’t covering.

More importantly, it’s a brilliant show! True it’s science fiction but like all good science fiction it uses the trappings of science fiction to tell so many different types of stories (mysteries, ghost stories, westerns, etc.). Plus it’s got one of the best casts in television.

So we’ll start with the last episode of season 6 (and I’m using the BBC’s numbering for the episodes), “The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe” and then we’ll jump all the way back to season 1 (and that’s season one of the relaunch, not all the way back to the beginning) and that should take us all the way to fall of 2012 when season 7 launches.

So… Allons-Y! Or.. Geronimo! But let’s get to it.


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