Give(MN) Till It Hurts

Wednesday, 16 November is Give to the Max: A huge day of fundraising for non-profits that has tons of money in matching funds and such on the line for tons of non-profits all over the state.

So in the interest of doing my part to help raise money for causes that I believe in, I am using my position as a professional pain the ass personality and influencer, I have prepared this very biased helpful list of charities and organizations to give to.  And if you click on the name, it will take you to the opportunities for each organization.  Aren’t I helpful?

In no particular order, here is a very brief list…

Red Eye – One of the most important theatre companies in town and for damn good reason. No other theatre company has had the longevity nor the track record in producing and developing new work. No other theatre company has been as influential in presenting and premiering new, genre-defying work. Every “edgy” theatre company in town owes a huge debt of gratitude the house that Steve Busa and Miriam Must have built. (Disclaimer: Having worked there, I – like everyone else who has worked there – am fiercely loyal to dear 15 West 14th Street. Some of my proudest theatre memories were from working there.)

Bedlam Theatre – Speaking of one of those edgy theaters, Bedlam could easily win the Helen Back “You Can’t Keep a Good Bitch Down” Award in perpetuity for surviving insurmountable odds (losing its space – twice!) and yet still putting on and presenting work that happily makes you ask the question “What the hell did I just see?” and loving every second of it. (Disclaimer: I’ve been a proud Bedlamite for a while and proud to have worked with some brilliant people there.)

Huge Theater – Yes, the Twin Cities is rightfully known as a hotbed of improvisational comedy but Huge’s mission is different: presenting improvisational theater every damn night.  That is amazing. Plus it’s run by two of the best on the scene: the lovely & talented Butch Roy and the doyenne of the TC Improv scene, the brilliant Jill Bernard.  (Disclaimer: As a friend, and fan, of Jill’s I can not rave about this enough.)

Savage Umbrella – This falls in the category “Companies That Todd Would Like To With” and for good reason: their work is sharp, prescient, engaging, and damn inventive.  Yes please! (Disclaimer: One of my friends may or may not have threatened to never make Special K bars for me again if I didn’t plug it. *hehehe*)

Minnesota Fringe Festival – The Largest Performing Arts Festival in the United States or 10 Delicious Days of Theatre.  (Disclaimer: As a former intern & performer… do I need to go on? No. Good.)

Springboard for the Arts – We are so damn lucky in this town to have an organization like Springboard that is both resource and advocate for organizations and artists in this state.  I can not think of a single artist or arts organization that hasn’t been helped or advised by Springboard. (No Disclaimer here. Just give to them!)

Minnesota Public Radio – Do I really need to go into why?  No. Good. (Disclaimer: There may or may not have been threats of storming The Day Job with pitchforks and torches if I didn’t say something.)

Rock The Cause – Almost forgot this one. Not only does this win my award for “Pluckiest Non-Profit Out There,” but they also get the award for doing so much good work for a variety of causes.  Plus anything that combines philanthropy and rock n roll is good in my book. (Disclaimer: Having too many friends that work for or are or have been on the board, I would probably be banned for life from Chez Funhouse if I didn’t say something.

MTN – Speaking of television, a great local resource. I can’t think of a local filmmaker who hasn’t raided MTN’s gear stash for shooting a project. And really, can you afford to live without Freaky Deaky? I think not.

This is just the tip of the iceberg: I haven’t even gotten to the non-arts charities that are worthy (and yes Children’s Cancer Research Fund and Red Ribbon Ride – I see you two standing off to the side, and yes Of Scars – I know you’re hiding over there by the punchbowl). The moral of the story is this: Find a charity you like and Give, dammit!


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