Todd Takes On… Doctor Who Season 6

Okay, so tonight was the finale of Season 6 of Doctor Who (that’s in nuWho seasons, not counting the first seven doctors or the movie).  And while I enjoyed it tonight (and I won’t go into dirty details – spoilers and all that) it did make me think about this season and for that matter the reign of Stephen Moffatt over the past 2 seasons.  So what do I think?

Read on. Oh, and spoilers.

So, here, in no particular order, are my thoughts on the Moffatt reign in general and this season in specific:

  • First up, I genuinely liked the finale.  Yes, Moffatt rightly gets derided for the “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” stuff and this episode goes to that well again for the solution to the problem of the Doctor’s “death.” But in this case it actually works from a logical standpoint.  And how cool was it that River basically served as the mastermind behind this one.
  • It also touches on one thing that this Doctor has been about: that he hates that people make a fuss and are willing to sacrifice for him.  At the same time Davros was right: he makes people want to literally die for him.  Plus River was willing to destroy the universe for him.
  • What a kick-ass end to Madame Kovarian and the kiss off line was brilliant.
  • What a shocking end to her by the way.
  • Amy picks up a trick from her daughter.
  • Dorium Returns!
  • Winston Returns!
  • Regarding the new prophecy, I have two words: Season 7.
  • Good acting all around.
  • The last episode was good, and there were a few high points but at the same time this second half wasn’t that good of a season frankly.  I think a split season is a bad idea in general for DW.  It needs the momentum of a solid season.
So what did you think?  Discuss!

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